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    Need a little help here.

    Hi everyone.

    As the post implies i need your help. Im currently participating a national tournament and scheduled to face my country's best WHFB player, who for this tourny is playing Dogs of War. Now, Im not expecting a victory, but it would be nice if I could avoid total obliteration. The problem is, I have absolutely no idea about what kinda units, advantages and disadvantages a DoW army has, and I could really use some kinda guidiance.

    As my opponent should be quite good, im expecting a really competive (or perhaps even cheesy) list, so what would be the best DoW setup for a 2500 point tourny, and how should I counter it (general advice is welcome, but in case you want to be very specific i am playing Empire).

    - Tash

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    Well DoW is a very old armybook so your army should have an advantage to begin with (including up to date point costs and an equipment section)

    you can download the DoW army book (and Regiments of Renown) online, i'd recommend doing this. I'm not sure what the kind of set up he will bring but i can tell you what he has the option of bringing.

    His Heroes will be about as powerful as yours, DoW only have access to the common magic item list so your Heroes have the option of being better equiped.
    DoW have access to wizards that can choose any of the lores; his wizards will probably be equiped with Power Stones (if he is going magic heavy) or dispel scrolls (as scroll caddies)

    if you can manage to kill his Pay Master, it will cause his army to fall apart. hope for some lucky cannon balls...

    He has access to Pikemen (dont charge them) duelists (skirmishers/screens who might bring pistols) and average missile troops.
    He can also bring Light and Heavy horsemen.

    Norse Marauders are basic troops with frenzy, bait and flee tactics should work.
    He can bring ogres (possibly from the OK book) if he does it will probably be Iron Guts
    He can bring Dwarfs who will probably be equiped with Heavy armor, shield+HW... the dwarfs can also take crossbows
    He can bring a bodyguard unit for his pay master (they will be stubborn)

    for his Rare choices he has access to cannons, Giants, and halfling hotpots
    Cannons- I think you know what these are
    Giants- large target that you can probably shoot to pieces
    Halfling hotpots- Stone thrower like contraption, not usually taken because cannons are better for most situations

    He also has access to the Regiments of Reknown. these pretty much amount to elite versions of his other troops (usually containing a hero-like champion)
    You will most likely see one of the Special Pikemen Regiments (avoid and shoot) or Golgfag (a heavy hitting ogre special character that can squash your heroes)

    I hope i helped somewhat, if you have any other questions i'll do my best to answer you.
    Good Luck!
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