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    Dogs of War Tatica
    What your gold or food buys for you.
    By: General-for-hire Joseph Manavalon

    Well, this is what my recent games have shown to me about my mercenaries.

    Well the Mercenaries aren’t too spoiled in characters, and there really quite average. I think the only time they would come out on top it either a) they get lucky or b) against Skaven. They cant use any special magic items, only the “common? ones, so besides Ld, kinda puny Magic, and a little Umph in a heavy cavalry charge there really useless. Good point is that they aren’t AS expensive. Take a wizard lord before a Merc General

    Mercenary General: (oh hey look its me) well this is basically your Templar Grand Master without Plate Armour but with A LOT more variety. You can equip him with 100 points of magic armour, but since DoW are really lacking in the magic items department(being that they can only use common magic items) this is really a waste.
    He can have missle weapons which is cool… I equipped him as a knight then gave him a pistol, only a Mercenary!!!
    I only used him once and I basically ran him from unit to unit for Ld. Not too useful, rather have the Dragonlord, but might come in handy sometime.
    Useful Magic Items
    Anything that isn’t a wizard item. Take a Enchanted shield if he is your General.
    The rest is a judgment call.

    Wizard Lord: Same as an empire wizard, but cant use any special magic items. ALWAYS take him for your lord choice, so them you wont get massacred in the magic phase…as bad(Tzeentch…shudder…) Keep him in units, be it infantry, or cavalry. Always upgrade.
    Magic items:
    Despell scroll
    Power Stone
    Staff of Sorcery
    Talisman or Protection

    Same as w/ lords, but you’ve got a paymaster which is cool.
    Take one of each for under 2k,

    Mercenary Captain: An empire captain. Pure and simple. 50 pts of magic, Which is about what is good. There are a few ways to use him:

    Glory Hog: give Him Heavy Armour, lance, Enchanted Shield and a pistol or longbow, whichever suits your fancy. I prefer a pistol because of the CC rules it has. Stick him in a Large unit of Heavy Cavalry and go kill something. CHARGE!!!!!
    Waitaminute… where’s my cannon crew?: (damn there goes my warp lightning cannon) The only difference between the Merc. Captain and the Empire one (besides the Magic weapons!!&#33 is the fact that they can ride a Pegasus. Fly him around and go kill some cannons. Equipment is pretty much the same as the Glory Hog, but with light Armour and a longbow. If points are tight use a spear instead of a lance.
    Leader of Men: this is if you want to stick him with an infantry unit. There is 3 ways to do it, in that goes along with your 3 main infantry blocks.
    Pikeman: I really don’t understand why, but DoW heroes can’t use pikes. Give him heavy or light armour depending on points constriction, a halberd and some kind of missile weapon. Stick him in a unit of pikemen and let him go. I don’t like this tactic too much.

    Swordsman: This tactic is used when you put him in a unit of Duellists. Nobody expects a small unit of skirmishers to have a hero in it! Give him a magical hand weapon, one of the “Swords of? weapons, depending on what opponent you are facing. In the tactics section you will understand why this is so effective.

    Crossbowman: again not too good, his increased BS helps out your main missile troops.

    Wizard: Plain human Wizard. Give him the same stuff as the lord and defend yourself in the magic phase. DoW Magic is more defensive before your level 4 wizard.
    Paymaster: a requirement, but you can also only have one. Give him heavy armour, talisman of protection, halberd, Pistol or brace of Pistols and stick him with the Paymasters bodyguard, which makes them stubborn. Also counts as the standard bearer and if hes killed your army hates all of your opponents units.

    Core Choices
    Dogs of War only have 5 troop choices, on the all they are some of the best, being that they all mutually support each other in a way to make them nigh unstoppable. Also, RoR Core choices are very powerful alternatives, and a lot more characterful.

    Pikemen: These bad boys are the Trademark Mercenary troops. Always strike first in the initial round, fight in 4 ranks and +1S against cavalry, these bad boys are AWESOME! The only problem with them is these rules don’t apply against the flank and rear. Always take a few units.
    Duellists: Skirmishers with hand weapons. At first they may not seem like much but they aren’t meant to fight on their own. Stick a unit of 10 of them on either side of a unit of pikemen and that gets rid of the weak flanks of the pikemen. The other reason to use them is to employ them like Empire detachments and flank charge aggressor units, or flank charge while the unit of pikemen charges the front. Only ever give them shields or additional hand weapons. Pistols are useful sometimes but are too expensive. Throwing weapons are next to useless, I find.
    Crossbowmen: All they are basically normal average human missile troops, and I really don’t like crossbows!!!!! But, being that they are your only core missile troops, they are invaluable. I take 1 or 2 units of 10.
    Heavy Cavalry: well, there Knights. What more is there to say, same as KotR, but with a movement reduction for barding. Stick them on the flank and charge something, that’s all there really is to them.
    Light Cavalry: Light Cavalry are worth their weight in gold. Send them out there with their bows to shoot things up from behind. They’re fast cavalry, can have light armour and get spears and bows for free. Gotta love em!
    Special Choices:
    Dogs of war have some of the most interesting Special choices in the game. A lot of variety in it and they are unexpected and fun to play. You will find that it will be hard for you to fit in all the special choices you want to with RoR.
    Ogres: well… what is there to say? A good but slower alternative to Knights. You may be thinking this is crazy but it works surprisingly well in defensive battles. I tried it once, when my Brett friend charged my 10 man pikeman squad… I fled and flank charges with ogres… all I will say is *splat*.

    Dwarfs: DWARFS!!!!! YES!!!! You can use Dwarf warriors in your army, they are good for their high toughness and great weapons, but their really only takes cause of fluff reasons and because Dwarfs are so friggen cool!!!

    Norse Marauders: a good cheap WS 4 unit. Use them if you need some points taken up. There also good as a small speed bump unit, one that might actually kill something.

    Paymaster’s Bodyguard: a must, considering that you have to take a Paymaster also. Halberds and WS4 are quite useful, and they’re stubborn if you put the paymaster with them. Always give them Heavy Armour and put the Paymaster with them.
    Halflings: aha… the peaceful Halflings. You may think, “ what the hell would you need a Halfling for? Cannonfodder?? but the answer is that Halflings are actually very useful, especially those whom are advertent to crossbows like me. There WS 4 missile troops at 6 points… I just wish they had longbows, but keeping with the fluff they are quite accurate. Very useful.

    Rare Choices

    Well, they only have 2 of them, Cannons and Halfling Hot Pots, and once I explain them there wont be much choice as to which one to take.

    Cannons: same as Dwarf cannons but with a human crew. Potentially devastating and only 85 instead of 100 points. Take this and not the other choice.

    Halfling Hot Pot: it’s a stone thrower with S3… the ONLY and I mean ONLY reason to take it is that it costs only 50 points, but id rather take more crossbowmen or something. Useless.

    tell me what ya think on it, and I will have the Regiments of Renown out to you soon!

    The Guardsmen Legions, we fight for the freedom!

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    I disagree with you on a number of things, but especially the hot pot. A template, no armor save weapon for 50pts? Sure it's only str 3, but it's a steal, and the hotpot always pays for itself not only in points, but perhaps more importantly in the annoyance factor.

    IMHO there is no better 50pt rare choice.

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    annoyance...? DOW are humans, they can barely stand up individualy. the hotpot is only if you want to do a halfling themed army, or you have ONLY 50 points to spend.

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    Its a good help, but I have to agree with Scarpia on the hot pot.:yes:
    By day he fought with sword and shield.....
    By night he fought with pen and parchment.....
    He was....The Warrior Poet.......

    Fear the ANZAC Clan!!!!!


    Do you have uber micro...????

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