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    i've tried quite a few times using the 460 point dragon (one rare 2 heroes) in a 1k-1.5k match, but i keep either losing asarnil and the dragon flees (bad rolls) or he flees because he's beated in combat. i have him often in a unit of knights and a wizard with total of 3 extra dispell dice for spells effecting the unit. so it's virtually immunt to spells and close combat, but still for some reason i keep lossing. It's quite an open question but does anyone else use him or could anyone thing of some way i could win with him in a small army like that?

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    Well, in here the local GW keeps a Games Night every Thursday. The only lists allowed are 750 pts due to time limits. My friend tried to make a 750 pts Dragon list and succeeded: Paymaster, Cap'n, Asarnil and two units of Crossbowmen. He had only one problem - no one wanted to face a Dragon in such a small game
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