there are many tricks, each unique to their own race, the Dogs of War have many. They need them to make for their weaknesses in other areas (they are mostly humans)

this list should be added to by the three dogs of war players who actually check this forum, including units, combinations, and the like...

the first its the paymaster. Stubborn is always amazing. paymaster leadership is decent, and the bodyguard itself isn't too bad. Normaly i don't take champions, but the bodyguard needs one for taking chalenges aimed at the paymaster. The paymaster has a key that
has an effect "like" a war banner. The point is that it isn't one. A body guard with a war banner, and the paymaster gets +2 to combat res. in addition to the out number and standard and as many ranks. (the unit should be 25 at least.

deullests, with pistols are good, don;t expect too much from them, and definatly don't overextend them. a unit that can shoot, stand and shoot, then shoot in comat with pistols packs a punch. given a champion, and a musician (they will be fleeing alot) the unit can be bait, or the calvery. though they are the only skirmishing unit that can be given a standard, it isn't worth it.

NOW. my strategy is to put my mercenary general in with the 10 man deullest unit. now the deullests can fight even better, and have a better leadership when it comes to rallying. The general has a pistol which works well with his BS of 5. no one expects the general to be with the bait unit so suprise is yours. But now you must be even more carefull as the unit will be fleeing charges, and you don't want your general to be run doen without a fight.

paymaster is given as much protection as possible. enchanted shield, 6+ ward save amulet.

captian, used to enhance combat power of a unit. or warmachine, wizard hunter. on a pagasus, with a longbow, shield and a lance

unless a really magic heavy army is needed. one wisard should do it for you. 1 lvl 2
, with a easy casting lore (fire or life for instance) and a D-scroll or two

pikemen are overused and overrated. i used to have ONE unit in my 2k army just to hold flanks and scare the enemy. other than that, they are still humans. dogs of war are a much more mobile army, than one thinks, and pikemen will only slow you down. If usage of pikemen is inevitable, use rico's. the higher WS will make all those attacks worth it.

no DOW should be without crossbowmen, one unit at least. using them infront of pikemen can be fun. when the enemy overruns the crossbows they run into the pikes. a champion is all you need. just for higher BS

ogres are great. i think of each one as three separate models. if you wanted a unit of 30 hunans with great weapons, take 10 ogres with GW. a little more expensive yes, but worth the fear, strength and tougness. they can hold flanks or hold the center. a wide enough unit can stop any flank charges. Golgfag is great. not because he can fight better. but because of his name...

marauders are frenzied, a unit of ten can protect a flank, be a flanking unit, or guard war machines/ crossbowmen. always given great weapons...

heavy cav is usefull, a unit of 8 or ten. OR just use the Dragon lord...:yes:

Dwarfs...ask a Dwarf player. They are rocks in armour. if the points are available, replace human crossbows with dwarf crossbows.