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Thread: Friendly 3000pt

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    Friendly 3000pt

    This is a variation of a list I've already posted with slayers!

    Dwarf Lord- Shieldbearers, GW, 2x rune of fury, Master rune of Kragg the Grim, Master rune of spite, Rune of stone 296pts

    Thane- BSB Master rune of Gromril

    Master Engineer- Handgun

    Dragon Slayer- 3x rune of fury 125pts

    x2 25 warriors, shields, Full command 500pts for alll 50

    25 longbeards with shields, great weapons, Full command 384

    2x10 thunderers 280pts in total

    20 ironbreakers Full command, 2x rune of determination

    18 hammerers, Full command (With Lord) 264

    17 Troll slayers with 2 giantslayers 217

    cannon rune of forging 125pts

    Cannon, Engineer, Rune of reloading 115pts

    Flame cannon 140pts

    Organ gun 120pts

    Goblin hewer 130pts (I can actually find the model!)

    Criticisms are welcomed.

    Did I spend too much on the slayers (the character with 7 potential attacks looked too cool to pass up )

    Sorry for the long post.



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    The only time I think that slayer characterss are a waste is when they have no unit of slayers to join. I see people field lone slayer characters just for the fun of it, but those characters usually never make it into battle.
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    My big concern with this list is 3K with 4 dispel dice = lots of dead dwarves every round. I have a 1000 point High elf list with 8-10 dispel dice per turn. You're going to run into some people that will do some very bad things with a level 4 mage and 2-3 level 2 mages.

    You need a runesmith with a rune of balance and rune of spellbreaking at the very, very, least. That'll get you up to 6 dispel dice and your opponent's power dice to -1.

    I'd also advise picking up a rune of courage for the longbeards. You're likely to see some terrorfying stuff in 3k and having a couple of units that can streight up ignore it is a big plus.

    Other than that I like your list. It's nice to see almost 200 dwarves on the field.

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