[2250] Turbo-1337-Assault Dwarves - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    [2250] Turbo-1337-Assault Dwarves

    well after having a serious amount of damage done to be thanks to a high elf magic-silver helm army i've decided to solve the problem. it started off with a second runesmith... it turned into an anvil of doom. then i thought.... "hey, i've been wanting to play an insane dwarf army for a while now.... why not!" and so the stollaz rune made its way into my list.

    this is a definite one trick pony army but i plan to use it in a friendly game next Friday any way. its a new club and my use of marching dwarf armies has pretty much stunned the club (who interestingly enough had never seen dwarf players in before.... 2 games - 2 massacres against woodies and high elves so far )

    comments are welcome

    lords and heroes

    Master rune of balance.
    Rune of stone
    373 points

    Battle Standard
    Strollaz rune
    Rune of Guarding
    175 points


    Dwarf Warriors 25
    Full command
    241 points

    Dwarf Warriors 25
    Full command
    250 points

    Longbeards 19 (BS
    Full command
    Master rune of grungi
    341 points

    Thunderers 10
    140 points


    Iron Breakers 20
    Full command
    Rune of stoicism
    Rune of battle
    340 points

    Rune of Forging
    125 points

    Grudge thrower
    Rune of accuracy
    115 points



    Dispel dice: 8

    The shooting is purely a supplement to this army and the power of the list is in its combat units. I’ve found from experience that very little can actually cope with my steam roller (though that might change) and its become somewhat feared at the club (or an object of confusion when the passers by see me in the enemy deployment zone.

    comments are welcome and reccomended.

    EDUT: turns out i made mistakes writing the origonal list and it was ilegal. see! this is what happens when people don't post on my threads! curse you all!

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