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    [2000pts] Friendly Dwarves, tell me what you think.

    i just made this list and felt like getting some feed back, thanks.

    1 Lord w/ shield bearers, GW, MRo Kragg, 2x Ro fury, Ro Stone.
    1 Thane w/ BSB, MRo Redbeard
    28 Warriors w/ FC, shields
    20 Long Beards w/ shields, FC Ro Battle
    20 Long Beards w/ shields, FC, Ro Stoicism
    1 Cannon w/ Ro Forging, Ro Reloading, Ro Burning, Eng w/ HG
    1 Cannon w/ Ro Forging, Ro Reloading, Eng w/ HG
    20 Iron Breakers w/ Vet., SB, Ro Battle, Ro Stoicism
    2 Organ Guns

    Total: 106 models, 1,997 pts

    any comments will be helpful, thanks again.

    Beer, Pipes, and Guns... Dwarves had the right idea.

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    Son of LO
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    I think the list is pretty strong. You have 4 solid infantry blocks backed up by some serious firepower in the two cannons and organ guns.

    You don't seem to be running much anti-magic other than the 4 basic DD. If this is a tourney list then you may want to think about including a runie with a couple of anti-magic runes to help you out here.

    Good luck with it

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    Just wondering what affect MRo has as I don’t have my book to hand for a while (out on loan to a mate), also how big of a point sink is it considering your already spending points on upgrading a thane to a STB. I would maybe keep him as a STB but don’t give him a magical banner instead giving him Mro Gromril instead. Failing that give him a nasty weapon combination.

    Those cannons are looking like juicy targets for anything getting behind you lines or from enemy artillery pieces as well. Maybe drop a rune or take one out completely for a bolt thrower. They are cheaper and more accurate. Sure they’re not as powerful cannon but they don’t allow armour saves and can take down a rank per turn.

    If anything try freeing up some points for a Rune Priest even if you’re going to keep him cheap and cheerful. Get rid of a unit of long beards in exchange for some hammerers as well. If you’re going to take a lord make use of it and put him in a unit immune to fear and terror and stubborn. Not forgetting you can still use hand weapon and shield with hammerers you’re looking at maybe around 20pts more for a nails unit if used rite. That frees up the iron breakers for you to put your thane and long beards for a rune priest should you get one.

    Other wise the list seems fine as long as you’re not hoping to wipe out the enemy with artillery. You don’t have missile troops except your machines so don’t try and work a stand approach to a battle unless you know you can take it. On the other hand if your opponent knows you can take it it’s likely he’s going to sit back and try and pepper you with missiles and magic until a gap forms in your line.

    Organ guns excel with a unit of thunderers on the premise that the organ gun isn’t a guess ranged weapon so can wait until your thunderers have fired at a target. Being that they are the same range you will know if your organ gun is in range, saving you having to roll a possible misfire when you’re not even hitting anything. Now this tactic is immensely frowned upon considering the damage done by an organ gun and is said to be pre measuring by a lot of people, but if your not measuring from the gun but another unit it seems fair to me. Besides, if I was to have two thunderer units next to each other and measure from one unit and find I’m not in range with it, I’m not going to fire at the same target with the next unit am I. Sorry for this little rant. But still, thunderers and organ gun together is a winner. Otherwise I might be tempterd to take one or both out for missile troops like thunderers or crossbowmen.

    Hope this is more of a help than a hindrance,


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