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    [2000] Dwarves All Comers Tourney

    How would this list do in a tourney? Any mods to make?


    Thane – Great weapon, Gromril armour, shield, Oathstone – 91

    Thane – Great weapon, Gromril armour, shield, Oathstone – 91

    Runesmith – Great weapon, Gromril armour, shield, 2 Runes of Spell Breaking – 126

    Runesmith – Great weapon, Gromril armour, shield, Master Rune of Balance, Rune of Spell breaking – 156


    19 Warriors – Full command, shield – 196

    19 Warriors – Full command, shield – 196

    19 Warriors – Full command, shield – 196


    15 Miners – Full command, great weapons – 190

    19 Hammerers – Full command, Master Rune of Grundgi – 308

    Cannon w/Engineer – 105

    Cannon w/Engineer – 105


    Organ Gun – 120

    Organ Gun – 120

    Total: 2000

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    Overall it looks pretty solid but it seems to not be taking advantage of several rather powerful dwarf units and methods. There are some changes i would propose.

    Firstly the cannons. The dwarf cannon's greatest advantage is the rune of forging and by not having it you open your self up to misfires. what i propose is that you drop one of the two cannons and upgrade the other with the rune.

    Second. You have a VERY troop centric list but have no moral support tools to strengthen the line. One of the thanes should be changed to a battle standard bearer with a master rune of gromril. Dwarves are powerful in combat but re-rolls on ld9 mean that you are unlikely to break against even the most determined of foes.

    Third, longbeards. Longbeards provide even more moral support by giving nearby units panic re-rolls. a good idea would be to place the battle standard in this unit and even move the rune of grungi to them. This creates a powerful anchor for you to build your battle line around protecting 3 units from shooting, panic and failed break tests.

    Fourth, you might want to consider dropping out one of the two organ guns for 2 bolt throwers. A single organ gun is often more than enough to deal with enemy flyers and skirmishers and bolt throwers are wonderfully effective against rank and file troops and for downing enemy monsters (the one big weakness to the organ gun). having the two bolt throwers would also give you a better chance in artillery duels as they add some bulk to your guns and make sure that the damage exchange is at least even on both sides.

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    Its been a while since I have used my dwarves but can more than one character in an army take an oath stone? I'm guessing yes seems you’ve taken two, but I'm not totally sure and i dot have my book to hand at the moment to check it. If anything it'll be under the oath stone section along with its rules but its not to important.

    Anyway, on personal opinion I'd swap out the hammerers for iron breakers. For me they work much better with oath stones, a unit of 20 with Ro battle and Ro Stoicism and it’s a winner near all the time, being at str4 basic with 2+ save. The problem i run into is that once that stones down they often win the combat but can't chase down anyone, which brings to question the relevance of oath stones in a tournament. Sure dwarves aren’t going to break formation to capture table quarters but being able to overrun into one from previous combat is a big benefit to dwarves.

    I agree that you need a bolt thrower also, more appropriately the dwarven tournament favourite, the Treeman Killer. Just bang a rune of fire on that bad boy and see it go to work. Your getting +1 to hit at a large target, allowing no armour saves, its magical so no forest spirit wards, wounding a treeman on 4s not to mention D6 flaming wounds on a flammable target. Now not every army, or even wood elves army is going to bang in a treeman, but it’s cheaper than a cannon, on odds more accurate, not going to blow up, and can deal with the big blocks better in my opinion. It will also give you some points to spruce up one of your characters.

    I might even be tempted to drop an organ gun for quarrellers with shields. Make it a big unit and reform to a block before getting charges and you have a dwarf warrior with a 4+ save in combat giving you another infantry block.

    Another favourite of mine are slayers. I field a unit of 19 with a slayer character in front but a unit of 10-12 just to hold up units is good. + they are immune to psychology which you have a lack of in your army, sure your leadership 9 but its better not to have to roll, and they’re great for dealing with flankers or big monsters, or simply guarding war machines.

    Now I used to take the missile ward save on units within 6”, but in all honesty its 50pts better spent elsewhere like turning a thane to a lord and putting him in your hammerers for immune to fear and terror. Also Longbeards, well worth it. Don’t worry about great weapons, hand weapon and shield is good enough at S4 WS5, getting a 3+ save in cc.

    Maybe get rid of a Ro spell breaking. Two is enough. Other armies only normally take two in 2000pts and it’s a habit of dwarf players of which I too fall fowl of is over compensating for not having magic. It’s a mentality of “if I can’t have a magic phase, neither can my opponent,” and it’s simply not needed. If you’re still worried about magic take magic resistance on your units. You already get magic res 1 from your rune stones and its cheap enough to put on unit banners or characters and its often has a longer life than scrolls can. You already have 7 dispel dice with items and characters, + 2 (1and 1) magic res, have a look at what else you could spend points on, like rune of gromril for your general, or two runes of iron for a 5+ ward.
    My thane of pain looks like this;
    Thane- Oath Stone / Ro Fury / Ro Cleaving / MRo Swiftness / Ro Stone / Shield = 162

    Now that’s a 2+ save in combat, strength 5, 4 attacks, striking first on a rune stone, and he sits with my iron breakers who have Ro Battle / Ro Stoicism.

    There hasn’t been a game were his unit hasn’t fought to the last man, on one occasion taking on a unit of temple guard with slann head on whilst receiving the same in the flank (big GW store game). In the end there was just him and the standard left before a unit of miners showed up for a rescue to win the combat. Its worth having a hard hitter in their so your not just relying on your unit to do the work. If you get charged by say knights into your hammerers or by any hard unit, they are going to strike first and chances are kill all but your character and unit champion. Now you may not run away but with low inactive even if your both using great weapons your going to strike last and loose more men and getting few attacks in. having a character to kill maybe 2 before they get in allows you to beat an enemy when they charge you and also he can strike first in challenges.

    Know this is a bit of a rant but hopefully its all food for thought,


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