2000 Points Dwarf Army - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Inquisitorial Aspirant librisrouge's Avatar
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    2000 Points Dwarf Army

    Runesmith (Gen) - Great Weapon, Rune of Balance, Rune of Gromril

    Master Engineer - Pistol, Rune of Stone

    Dragon Slayer

    Dwarf Warriors x20 - Full Command, Great Weapons

    Dwarf Warriors x20 - Full Command, Shields

    Longbeards x20 - Full Command, Shields

    Thunderers x10 - Shields

    Thunderers x10 - Shields

    Cannon - Rune of Forging and Rune of Burning

    Cannon - Rune of Forging

    Bolt Thrower - Engineer w/ Brace of Pistols

    Slayers x14 - Musician, Standard Bearer

    Organ Gun

    Goblin Hewer

    What do you guys think?

    'An open mind is like a fortress with its walls unguarded and its gates wide open' -Blood Ravens

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    RAWR! KROXIGOR!! kroxigor01's Avatar
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    I don't think the Runelord is worth it over the Lord at 2k points unless you give him an anvil. Either replace him with a lord and a runesmith or give him an anvil (or ignore me).

    Change that that warrior unit with great weapons to shield and leave the great weapons to the more elite longbeards.

    Drop the musician on the slayers and mabye the standard as well (seriosly, these guys won't be winning combats).

    I would also suggest you squeeze another bolt thrower in to but you master engineer with.

    And why doesn't the dragon slayer have any runes? (ie. fury, snorri and cleaving for 4 attacks at strength 5 hitting on 2s)

    Overall I think you have tried to squeeze to many units into you points value, you should specialize to either a gun line, combat force or combined arms (at the moment you are trying to get all three).

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