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    [1,500] Dwarfs, Have 1,000 and looking to grow

    Hi all,

    I have a thousand point list that I've been running with pretty good success over the last year. Now I am looking to expand to 1,500 and maybe 2,000.

    So far I've been pretty successful with two infantry blocks, one flanking unit and relatively minimal shooting. I think I want to punch up my shooting in larger games and I know I'm going to need more infantry. A major concern of mine is the loadout of my characters. Will the Thane that serves me so well at 1,000 be as effective at 1,500, where more challenging opponents await?

    - Thane: MR.Swiftness, R.Stone, R.Cleaving, Shield. Deployed with Ironbreakers.

    - Runesmith: MR.Balance, R.Spellbreaking, Great Weapon. Deployed with Warriors.

    - 14 Ironbreakers: Standard, Musician.

    - 19 Warriors: Full Command, Shields.

    - 10 Quarrellers.

    - Bolt Thrower: R.Penetrating.

    - 10 Slayers: 2 Giant Slayers.

    WHFB: Dwarfs || WH40k: Imperial Fists, Necrons || WM/H: Trollbloods || BFG: Necrons

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    Regarding the comments of the upgrades from 1.000 to 1.500.

    Theres a big difference between 1.500 and 2.000 point armies, so I'll just direct my attention on the 1.500 points.
    First of, I'd say that it would be a very good investment, if you added another Thane for your 1.500 point army. As one might imagine, the army of your opponent will also increase, and with the help of an extra character, that is a great thing to start of with.
    Getting another block of Warriors/Longbeards is also highly recommended. Along with that, I would really suggest you bulk up the numbers of your Ironbreakers to atleast 20. They are really awesome, and their real potential lies in their formitable staying-power.
    I havent counted these upgrades, but if there are any points left, another Boltthrower, or more slayers would help you greatly.

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