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    first dwarf army 2000pts SLAYERS!!

    ok its my very first dwarf army and im looking forwards to it. Ill be using the storm of chaos army list, and yes i know people think its broken and alsorts, but its more a army i love the sound of than a pure doomseeker beardy army!

    here goes:


    Garagrim Iron fist - 305pts

    Dragon Slayer with runic weapon (master rune of swiftness and rune of cleaving) - 130pts

    Dragon slayer with great weapon and beast slayer - 94pts

    Dragon Slayer with beast slayer - 90pts


    20 Troll slayers with Standard and Giant Slayer 247pts

    10 Troll Slayers 110pts

    20 Troll slayers with standard and Giant Slayer 247pts

    10 troll slayers 110pts

    3 Doom Seekers 195pts


    19 Brotherhood of Grimnir with standard (with the master rune of grimnir) and a giant slayer 341pts


    Goblin-Hewer 130pts

    It'll be units of 21 (7x3) and then 2 units of 10 as flanking units.

    what do you think?


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    Looks very solid, I must say. Nice blocks, with plus the never-runing flanks.
    There is two alternatives that I can think of.

    Using the one of the table-edge as protector, you could drop both of the small units, in favour of a group of longdrongs. A good little alternative, if you want some more fire-power. You could also drop the rune of cleaving, as its not that big a need but..You dont have to.

    2: Again, using a table-edge as a protector, and get rid of one of the smaller units. For the points you now have, you could bulk up some of the other units (Making the other flank unit bigger or some of your main units). Perhaps even your characters.

    But again, these are only small alternatives, as I find your army quite solid.

    Btw, its always a pleasure to see dwarven generals, making use of our doomed brothers

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