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    1500 Dwarf Friendly w/ slayers

    Confession time... I love seeing slayers on the field of battle. Helping these little guys accomplish their goal of dying gloriously is mucho fun. Yah, I know they almost always get wiped out to the last dwarf, but they're fun.

    so I put together this little list for today's friendly battle.

    Thane: General 142 pts
    GW - Cleaving, Fury, Kragg
    Shield/ Gromril Armor with Rune of Stone

    Thane: BSB 95 pts
    HW, Gromril armor with rune of stone

    Dragon Slayer 125 pts
    HW with switfness, fury, snori

    19 Longbeards -293 pts
    hvy armor & sheild
    Mus/Standard w/ Rune of Grungni
    (General with this unit)

    20 Warriors - 190 pts
    HW, Hvy Armor, Shield
    Standard Bearer
    (BSB Thane with this unit)

    10 Thunderers - 155 pts
    Shield, Musician

    10 Slayers

    Grudge Thrower -120 pts
    rune of accuracy

    Canon - 150
    runes of Forge & reload

    Organ Gun

    Thinking that I'll deploy Organ Gun and Grudgethrower on one flank, with dragon slayer nearby to charge any pesky knights or flyers that charge the warmachines. Canon on other flank with unit of slayers nearby to do the same for that flank.

    Figure the unbreakable slayers should hold up any unit that charges war
    machines long enough to get another unit in their flank.

    Anyone got any tweaks to make, that won't totally do away with the slayers?

    Last edited by DavidWC09; December 28th, 2007 at 19:08. Reason: removed some point costs

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