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    2000 pts tournament list

    This list is a small 2000 pts specialised army based around karak azul (i like fluff)

    Lord + Hero
    Thorek Ironbrow (aka: you aren't my friend anymore) 505 pts


    Master Engineer (hand gun BoP and great weapon) 89 pts


    10 thunderers 140 pts

    10 thunderers 140 pts

    20 warriors full c and shields 205 pts

    19 longbeards full c banner with rune of battle and stoicism 303 pts


    2 bolt throwers, 1 with rune of penetrating the other an engineer 125 pts

    1 grudge thrower rune of penetrating rune of accuracy 130 pts

    20 slayers full c 238 pts


    Organ gun 120 pts

    total 1195 pts

    You might be wondering whether i: don't have / don't want or don't care for my friends but then you might have missed the fact that this is a tournament list and so will not be fighting against my friends (i hope)

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    In my experience Thorek (or any anvil wielding runelord really) will never make back his points in a game, the rune of Wrath and Ruin simply doesnt do enough damage, although getting a charge in every new moon can be good. I suggest wasting him and getting a close combat lord and one or two runesmiths for magic defense instead.

    Also, your army is really fragile against close combat since you have no CC heroes and the longbeards and slayers will be really ineffective if they get shot the least bit.

    You have a decent amount of shooting, but i suggest you put the engineer with the bolt thrower with rune of pen if you plan on putting the master engineer on the grudge thrower. You might want to lay off the handgun too, because if he is used with the war machines, he cant shoot anyway.
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