Hello all, Would like to here from all Dwarf Generals that could help me with my list. All comments are appreciated. I am playing in a tournament at my local shop Saturday the 21st. Might be playing VC, Wood Elves, High Elves and possibly Dogs of War.

I have trouble with the wood Elves and Skirmishers.

Characters: 737
  • Lord (General) MR of Swiftness, RO IornX2,RO Fury, RO Cleaving, (General with Hammerers)
  • Josef Bugman ( Ranger Scouts)
  • Runesmith, SH, RO Spellbreaking, Master RO Balance
  • Thane, Army Battle Standard, Master RO Valaya

Core: 694
  • Quarrellers , 12 plus Musician
  • Longbeard Ranger scouts, 8 Reg and 1 Vet Plus Bugmand GH,SH, Throwing Axes
  • Warriors, 19 FC With Runesmith, SH
  • Warriors, 19 FC With Thane, SH

Special: 536
  • Hammerers, 19 Standard, Vet, With Lord (General)
  • 2 BT, One with Penetration and Engineer, One with RO Immolation
  • Grudge Thrower RO Accuracy

Rare: 280
  • 2 Gyrocopters
Thanks to all