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    1000pts help plz:D

    Hey fellow dwarfs, i recently switched my team to the dwarfs and was wondering what you guys think of my first 1000pt list. I know it may seem a little shooty, but i like shooty. So any comments and criticism welcome! Thanks!

    Dwarf Army

    -Rune of Stone
    -Rune of Resistance
    -Rune of Cleaving

    Dwarf Warriors x20
    -Full Command

    Dwarf Thunderers x10

    Dwarf Iron Breakers x14
    -Full Command
    -Rune of Battle

    Bolt Thrower x2
    -Rune of Penetrating
    -Rune of Burning
    90pts each

    Organ Gun

    Total 999pts

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    Gladewalker Rhoaran's Avatar
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    I'm not a Dwarf player, but I noticed you hadn't gotten feedback. I play against them frequently, so I understand how they work to some extent. Having WE as my primary army, dwarves are among my toughest opponents.

    Now for your list...
    1) Ironbreakers are a little too expensive for 1k IMO. Their save is only one better than warriors. They have other advantages, but longbeards or warriors would be better in this point bracket.
    2) You have good amount of firepower within 24 inches, but outside of that you are lacking a punch. I would try to incorporate xbows. They are cheap and provide good ranged power as well as decent small combat force.
    3) IMO it is always worth it to take shields on thunders and quarrelers. They make the unit much more versitle.
    "...and thee shall know the Emperor's might when thy enemies fall before thy guns. No crude Orkish blade can pierce thy anointed armor, nor any twisted alien resist the sting of thy sword." ~Major Kaelen Rhodes

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    I would say the following:

    Try and make room for another Thane. He dosent really have to be that expensive, though it is possible to make a 1k army, with 2 very deadly Thane's. Its all about trying different combo's.

    You have extremly good firepower for a 1k army. I would perhaps drop one of the BT's together with the group of Thunderer's and Ironbreakers.
    With You're amount of firepower, the Thunderers will be more of a burden. As Rhoaran says, the Ironbreaker are perhaps a bit too expensive for this kinda army point setting. Remember, never underrestimate a dwarven warrior

    Im not sure how the points favour this idea, but if its possible, and if you want that kinda firepower, you could perhaps go with 1 block of Warrior's (20 ), one small one(15/16) and one small unit of longbeards (15/16).

    Also, if you stay away from the unit champions, You'll have a few points there as well.

    And, ofcourse, in the end, its always an advantage to take a rune combo which fits You're battle strategi.

    Hope You'll embrace some of these ideas and either throw them in the trashcan or be inspired by them

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    The Pacifist Wargamer Quick's Avatar
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    Hi rLeeee,

    Your list looks solid (if maybe a little too firepower-based) but it's basically 90% there.

    If I may make a suggestion or two:

    Your Thane can be made a little cheaper. At this point-level, it's best to think of the L&H choices as just another unit, as expendable as anything else. Plus, as KAB pointed out, you could free up points to get another Thane in there and that would be pretty lethal. Alternately, a BSB is invaluable for the Dwarfs, even at a thousand points.

    Two Bolt Throwers and an Organ Gun are more than enough firepower. Heck, at a thousand points, the Organ Gun itself is almost enough. That said, you could probably save some points by paring down the points spent on the BTs. They really don't need engineers and you'll probably not be seeing that many big nasties such that both BTs need R.Pen.
    I would recomment having two BTs with the only upgrades being the R.Pen on one of them.

    You can save points by dropping the Thunderers or turning them into Quarrellers. Additionally, you could always give them shields and a musician, then using them as a counter-charge unit.

    Dwarf Warriors don't really need full command. A standard and a musician is generally enough.

    Additionally, those Ironbreakers are a little more expensive than a thousand points should really allow. Perhaps a unit of Great Weapon-equipped Longbeards led by a Thane would be more effective. Plus, they would bolster the Warriors' morale.

    When I get home this afternoon, I will put together a list based on my suggestions, so you have something a little more concrete to see. Right now, I'm basically just speaking in abstractions. However, as always, for Dwarfs, it is important to remember the tenets:

    Do not overspend on units: a 100-point unit dies as easily as a 200-point unit
    Maintain balance between Guns and Axes: dwarfs were given both because they need both.
    Keep the number of bases and units high: you'll be outnumbered, so don't make it worse.
    Add units to your list with their place on the line in mind: if it doesn't support the units around it, it's less than useless.

    WHFB: Dwarfs || WH40k: Imperial Fists, Necrons || WM/H: Trollbloods || BFG: Necrons

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