I've played more games in the last few weeks than the last years ( I didn't play back than, only hobby, so that explains a lot :p ) , at least 1 battle every time I get into the GW and I go there every thursday, friday and saturday.

I have tried out some stuff and played a lot with my dwarfs ( found out VC can be crushed easily under the dwarf iron boot in relatively small games, 1000 or so ) and Im trying to get to a good list for small games. I always have to squeeze in guys or I will have to little, thats why I need some advice. So here's a basic list with the last 140 pts open to put in stuff. I was thinking about an organgun, though 10 thunderers won't explode. I have a habit of throwing notoriously bad when you don't want it.

600 pts.

rune of snorri spangelhelm
Mrune of kragg the grim
Great weapon

15 Longbeards
banner musician

15 dwarf warriors
banner musician


some options I was considering for the last 140 pts:

- Organgun ( yay ) ( fill up the last pts with defensive runes for my thane )
- 10 thunderers, no shields
- 5 miners ( flankcharge ftw. 5 of these little buggers took out a corpsecart and lost only 1 of their number. )
- cannon with rune of forging
- bolt thrower with engineer

I hope you can help me give a nice ending to this list I also need some pts to load up my thane in defense.