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    2,250 Dwarfs: Rogue Trader

    Hey all,

    There's a 2250 point tourney coming up this Saturday at my FLGS and I was wondering how this list would fare.

    Don't know what my opposition will be, but I think there might be Bretonnians, new WoC, possibly some Orcs and Goblins.

    Anyway, on with the list:

    Lords: 293 Points

    Dwarf Lord w/ Shield, Shieldbearers
    Runic Weapon w/ Rune of Cleaving, Rune of Might, and Rune of Snorri Spangelhelm
    Runic Armor w/ Rune of Stone
    Runic Talisman w/ Rune of Spite
    = 293 Points

    Heroes: 432 Points

    Thane Battle Standard Bearer
    Runic Standard w/ Master Rune of Valaya
    = 190 Points

    Runesmith w/ Shield
    Runic Talisman w/ Master Rune of Spellbinding
    = 122 Points

    Runic Talisman w/ Rune of Spellbreaking x2
    = 120 Points

    Core: 530 Points

    20 Dwarf Warriors w/ Full Command, Shields
    = 205 Points

    20 Dwarf Warriors w/ Full Command, Shields
    = 205 Points

    10 Quarrelers w/ Shields
    = 120 Points

    Special: 860 Points

    20 Hammerers w/ Full Command, Shields
    Runic Standard w/ Rune of Battle, Rune of Sanctuary
    = 330 Points

    20 Ironbreakers w/ Full Command
    Runic Standard w/ Rune of Courage, Rune of Sanctuary
    = 335 Points

    Cannon w/ Engineer, Rune of Burning
    = 110 Points

    Bolt Thrower w/ Engineer, Rune of Penetrating
    = 85 Points

    Rare: 120 Points

    Organ Gun
    = 120 Points

    Total = 2,235 Points

    This is the list I'll be using, but I'm not quite sure how I should deploy.

    I'm thinking I want to put the Hammerers and Ironbreakers in the middle with the Warriors puling up the flanks.

    The Lord goes with the Hammerers, and the two Runesmiths are going with the Warrior units, but I'm not sure where to put the BSB.

    I could put him in the back with the Quarrelers, but this would leave him in a fairly weak unit, or I could put him with the Ironbreakers.

    Question: If the BSB is challenged, and I decline the challenge, do I still gain the benefit of the standard?

    Obviously, it isn't very dwarflike to decline a challenge, but he's my greatest tool against magic.

    The artillery will either go on hills or my flanks depending on terrain setup.

    Thoughts and constructive advice are welcome.


    @King Alrik's Bodyguard: Thanks for the advice. I've already made some changes to my warmachines, and I'll take into consideration your other comments as well.

    Last edited by Lachlarlan; November 11th, 2008 at 23:23. Reason: Revised Warmachines

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    I must say, I really like Your list.

    Regarding Your deployment:
    First of, I'd say that depends on the way the battlefield is shaped. Terrain-wise. If You're so lucky, that you get a hill in Your deployment zone, it pretty much speaks for itself. Otherwise, You could put Your units, beside eachother, across the battlefield. The cannons in the absolute middle. On the left side, the Hammerers with the lord. On the opposite side, a Warrior unit. Next to the Hammerers the Organ could be placed and next to them, a Warrior unit. Your left flank should be protected by the table edge. On the other side, the Quarrellers and next to them, the Ironbreakers. (A side note: When you deploy your units, your battleline should not be a straight line, paralell to the table edge. If you've got the dwarf army book that came before the current one, its explained with an image)

    Your question:
    Yeah, if he declines a challenge he will lose all the bonuses he might have. You COULD put him in the Hammerer unit. Sure, its a very expensive unit, but with immunity to fear and terror and being stubborn, they aint going nowhere. And with a VERY strong bodyguard, he'll be just fine.
    The only backdraft I might see, is that your opponent might avoid this unit completely.

    My inputs:

    If you changed one of the cannon's and replaced it with a Boltthrower with an engineer and a rune of penetration. Its a bit more realiable than the cannon, and can pack a serius punch.
    Changing a runesmith for a tooled-up Thane, you also have a character who can kill his points back, beside your lord. You have enough anti-magic, in one of the runesmiths.
    Personally I dont like champions, in units that contain a character (unless its runesmith). You pay 10 points for an extra attack, which can be spend elsewhere.
    The rune of sanctuary on the hammerers are not needed. The opponent is likely to avoid this unit, and will more likely take on the dreaded, Ironbreaker unit. Or atleast thats the theory
    You could take a thunderere unit instead of the quarrellers and bulk up the unit. If you have the points that is. Another great unit to soften up your opponents units, before they meet a wall of iron.
    I would perhaps take another weapon rune than the he rune of might on your lord, but I think thats more a matter of preferences.

    Hope these words will help, just a inch.

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