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    1000 Pts. Starter List

    Hail! A lot of the regulars at my LGS have started to collect WFB in addition to WH40k.As I've always had a fondness for the Dwarfs (not dwarves?) I'm thinking of dropping the money for a small Dwarf army. Consider the following and tell me what you think...

    Thane, Drongi Fellaxe
    Runic Shield Of Stony Resistance (Stone, Resistance)
    Runic Axe of Furious Cleaving (Fury, Cleaving)

    24 Warriors
    Full Command

    20 Long Beards
    Great Weapons
    Full Command
    Runic Standard of Sanctuous Battle (Sanctuary, Battle)

    12 Thunderers

    Organ Gun

    Total: 996/1000

    My Thane is pretty tough, with 1+ Re-rollable armor saves in combat and 2+ rerollable armor saves at range. 4 Attacks at Strength 5 will keep him in good stead as well.

    The Warriors are there as my Anvil. I plan to play them a little farther forward than the Long Beards (as the Thane leads the younger dwarfs into battle and glory) with a thick block. I'd like to maybe see if I can swap something for a Oath Stone, but we'll see.

    The Longbeards are there as my counter/flank charger. The Warriors will hopefully get charged when the Longbeards sweep in and deny flanks giving me 2+ effective combat resolution with the battle standard, even if they don't kill anything (which they probably will.)

    The Thunderers and Organ gun are for what they do best: Softening folks up.

    The Battallion box plus another box of warriors will make this army, giving me 100pts at <$150 so, tell me what you guys think.

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    Welcome to the Throng of Dwarfs! (Yeah, it's an English game, so they write Dwarfs, instead of the more phonetically correct Dwarves. I mean, they don't say the Space Marines carry 'Combat Knifes', do they?)

    I swear, the English must be the only people in the world who can't even speak their own language.

    Anyway, Dwarfs at a thousand points is a little tricky because of the trade off between the necessity of all the cool Dwarf stuff and the astounding cost. You could find yourself with twelve Dwarfs on the board surrounded by a ton of cannons, or you could have fifty Dwarfs with no Artillery backup at all.

    Personally, I like to keep things cheap and cheerful. Nothing should be so expensive that losing it is a game-crippler for you.

    The Thane, he doesn't really need the Rune of Resistance as he's already got a 2+ Armor save, and that means he practically has to be hit in the face with a Cannon at close range before he's really hurt.

    Blocks of twenty-five Dwarfs are great at higher points-levels, but at a thousand points, you can get away with blocks of twenty. Dwarf Warriors don't need full command, either. A Veteran is double the points for a single Hand Weapon attack. That's hardly worth it. A Musician and a Standard Bearer is still valuable, though. The Thane should go in this unit to ensure their hitting power.

    Conversely, the Longbeards with their Great Weapons do benefit from having a Greatbeard, because his attack is so much more damaging. Again, though, I would scavenge some points by dropping the Rune of Sanctuary from the magic banner.

    Your Thunderers can be taken down to a group of ten and still be as effective.

    By recouping these points, you might have enough room to include a unit of Quarrellers, who, when given shields and a musician make an excellent counter-charge unit.

    Regarding your selection of Warmachine, the Organ Gun is great.

    I hope this advice helps.

    WHFB: Dwarfs || WH40k: Imperial Fists, Necrons || WM/H: Trollbloods || BFG: Necrons

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