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    2K Competative Please look over!

    Hi this is my first attempt at putting together a dwarf army, any imputs on what is useful, what should be different, and what totally sucks etc. are more than welcome.

    293 Runelord [with longbeards]
    -rune of fire (+1A)
    -rune of cleaving (+1S)
    -rune of resistance (reroll missed armor saves)
    -rune of iron x2 (5+ ward save)
    -master rune of balance (-1P dice, +1 D dice)

    70 Master Engineer [with grudge thrower]

    139 Thane [with warriors]
    -master rune of gromril (1+ armor save)
    -master rune of spite (4+ ward save)
    great weapon

    145 Thane [with warriors]
    -Battle Standard
    --Rune of guarding (5+ ward save to thane)
    --Rune of battle (+1 combat result)

    207 Thunderers x 13 Full Command

    207 Thunderers x 13 Full Command
    241 Dwarf Warriors x 24 Full Command

    315 Longbeards x 20 Full Command
    -Master Rune of Grungni (5+ ward save to missles/magic missles to units within 6")

    120 Organ Gun

    135 Grudge Thrower
    -Rune of accuracy (reroll scatter)
    -Rune of Penetration (+1S to attack)
    -Rune of Burning (Fiery attack)

    125 Cannon
    -Rune of Forging (reroll misfires)

    So is this viable?
    Quarellers instead of 1 unit of thunderers?
    Should I take Slayers and drop some hero?

    Thank you for all your insight!

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    Personally i dont like rune lords on the basis that they are not a normal dwarf lord, and so suffer in combat. Even though you have runed him up for combat you are better with a dwarf lord on shiled bearers, letting magic res or rune smiths to carry the weight of spell deffence. think you ment rune of fury and not fire on your RL aswell.

    Drop the command from your thunderer units unless you intend on them wining combats for you. most people i know take them with just shields or maybe just a musician to help rally, but every banner you loose to your enemy is an extra 100pts to them at the end of the game. Aslo drop them to either 12, 2 ranks of 6 or 10 in just one line.

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    The Rune Lord is generally considered worthless unless riding an Anvil of Doom. He lacks the combat ability of the Lord, and quite importantly, he is only LD9. You'd be better off with an ordinary lord if you want a fight. With shieldbearers a lord is very nasty, when he gets into combat.

    The thane with the MRoSpite is very, expensive. You can get away dropping that rune, MROGromril will see him safely. If you worry, then MROSwiftness and RoCleaving are good options.

    I personally dislike runic banners on the BSB. It leaves him much too exposed, I'd rather spend points in protecting him. The re-rolling break tests is worth the points alone.

    I agree about the Thunderers. They should never be taken with full command. Musician at most. Why 13? 12 is better, or 10 for cheapness.


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