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    [2,250pt] friendly balanced

    i was just looking for some feedback on this list, i made it in like 5-10 minute, tell me what yall think.

    1 Thane w/ Oathstone, GW, MR of Kragg, R of Fury, MR of Gromril

    1 Thane w/ BSB, MR of Redbeard

    2 Master Engineers

    24 Warriors w/ SB, Shields

    10 Thunderers

    20 Longbeards w/ Vet., SB, R of Battle, R of Sanctuary, Ancestor Rune

    20 IronBreakers w/ SB, R of Battle, R of Sanctuary

    20 IronBreakers w/ SB, R of Battle

    1 Grudge Thrower w/ R of Accuracy

    1 Grudge Thrower w/ R of Accuracy R of Burning

    1 Organ Gun

    1 Gyrocopter

    Total: 108 models; 2,249 pts

    the Master Engineers go in the Grudge Throwers, ill decide entrenchment upon deployment, BSB, might go in a Grudge thrower, not sure, mainly for the cloud of +1 CR. The Thane goes in the warriors, and basically line them up warriors maybe on the end, not really sure haha, and fire til they get in CC. comments welcome, thanks.

    Beer, Pipes, and Guns... Dwarves had the right idea.

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    I can only advise on getting a Lord. Sure, hes expensive but if you set the Oathstone, your killer thane cant move at all anymore.
    Get atleast 1 Runesmith. You only have 4 DD's which, especially in this kinda point game, aint gonna do much good.
    Stick your BSB in the center most unit. He cant be put on a Grudge Thrower, since hes not an engineer. Get Full Command in the unit which eventually will contain the BSB.
    Can only advise on getting Musicians for your units. They're worth it.
    Drop a Grudge Thrower in favour of another warmachine of your choice. Grudge Throwers arent that reliable, and as its at the uttmost importance that they get some kills, I would probably add a different warmachine.
    Try and find the points for a different unit rather than 2 units of Ironbreakers. You need some punch and, yeah sure, you've got lots of CR, but never trust your armour saves, those Ironbreakers arent actually the biggest killers.
    Try adding the RoGrungni. The ward save for several units might save your skin, if you meet an opponent who can shoot at you such as..everybody ^^

    Hope that helps

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