2250pts first dwarf army - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    2250pts first dwarf army

    I'm considering starting a Warhammer Fantasy Army. I've been reading about different armies, and I have narrowed it to things I want. Mainly:

    1) Ranged Army
    2) Tough to kill (As in can withstand charges, not nansy pansy maneuvering)
    3) Awesome siege weapons

    According to what I've read, the armies with the most versatile siege weapon selections are Empire and Dwarves, with Dwarves being the more resilient of the two. They have lower movement, but that's fine with me because I'd rather just stand still and annihilate. I drafted an army using the dwarf codex and army builder as a guide on what to purchase so I don't end up spending like $500 for 2250pts. I have never played a game of Warhammer Fantasy. I basically know none of the rules for Fantasy, let alone which armies do what precisely. I used to play 40K and currently playing Warmachine.

    My strategy is supposed to be: Artillery sits on my side of the table edge, bombarding the enemy as they march across the field. Quarrelers are frontline meatshields with pew pew to soften up the enemy. Behind them are the thunderers shooting whatever gets past the quarrelers. My final defense before my artillery line would be my ironbreaker unit with a Thane leading them around for challenges. Bolt Thrower is built to autokill the scariest monster/chariot/cavalry on the field. Grudge Throwers and Organ Guns shoot at the other stuff. Runelord bangs on his Anvil next to my Organ Guns and my Master Engineer tends to the Grudge Throwers. Completely theory, I have no idea what could happen. That's why I need you to tell me how horrible my list is and how to improve it

    Core Units
    [414pts] 32 Quarrelers (2 units of 16 each)
    -Shields, Standard Bearers, Musicians
    [150pts] 10 Thunderers w/ Veteran (1 unit)

    Rare Units
    [240pts] Organ Gun (2 units)

    Special Units
    [337pts] 20 Ironbreakers (1 unit)
    -Rune of Battle, 1 Rune of Sanctuary, Standard Bearer, Runic Standard
    [300pts] Grudge Thrower (2 units)
    -Rune of Accuracy, Valiant Rune, 1 Rune of Penetration
    [125pts] Bolt Thrower
    -Rune of Skewering, 2 Runes of Penetration

    [125pts] Master Engineer
    -Brace of Pistols, 3 Runes of Warding
    [144pts] Thane
    -Rune of Kragg, Rune of Might, 1 Rune of Snorri, Rune of Stone

    [415pts] Runelord
    -General, Anvil of Doom, 2 Runes of Spellbreaking, Master Rune of Balance

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    I am just getting my feet wet with Dwarfs, but I feel even with a sit and wait army you are going to need at least one more block of infantry. This will help tie up some of the nastier things coming your way.

    As far as the warmachines, 2 organ guns are not very good, as the range on them is pretty short. I would keep one as I do like them. 2 Grudge Throwers can also be a problem as they can be unreliable. I would look to include at least one cannon and/or another bolt Thrower.

    I would suggest looking at some of the other shooty lists on here and compare/contrast a bit.

    Have fun!

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    I will agree with Nugnug here in that you are going to need more melee blocks than you currently have as the ironbreakers while being a strong unit cannot hold back everything on their own. I would recommend that if you can to fit in around two blocks of shield warriors to assist the ironbreakers in combat; this will also give you more units to protect your shooting with as people will be gunning for your anvil and organ gun. And for your war machines I saw that you have two grudge throwers listed and just letting you know that you cannot have the exact same combination of runes on two different units. To fit the warriors in you could remove one of the organ guns and switch it so the bolt thrower only has one Rune of Penetrating as you really don't need higher than strength 7 on that. I would also suggets cutting the quarrelers down to 10 models each and only giving them a musician; same for the thunderers the veteran is largely unneccesary and you need a musician to reform them if you flee as a charge reaction.

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