I am trying to make an advancing horde of dwarf army and I may need a little or even huge help from you honorable longbeards.
tell me what you think and what you would change and lets see If I am right and laugh in the face of my enemys who say that the dwarfs are a lazy race that doesnt move for anything

Runesmith (general)x151pt with longbeards
-Master rune of balance
-Master rune of gromril
-shield, Greatweapon

Thane BSB x210pt with ironbreakers
-Rune of Sanctuary
-Rune of Slowness
-Strollz rune
Dragon Slayer x50pt (running around naked)

Warrior x 25 (fullcommand,shield) 250pt
Lonbeards x19(full command,shield) 253pt (was going to put some runes on the standard but looks like I forgot will try to fit that inn)
Quarrellers x10 (shield,mu) 125pt
Rangers(quarrellers)x10 (shield,mu) 155pt

Ironbreakers x19 (full command, rune of battle, rune of stoicism) 327pt
Troll Slayers x12 (2x champions)x162
BoltThrower (rune of penetrating, Engineer) 85pt
BoltThrower (rune of immolation, Engineer) 90pt

Gyrocopter 140pt

Total points 1998
Dispell pool 5(plus rune of balance)
Models in army: 109

I know that I forgot to put runes on the longbeard standard and I am trying to fix that but maybe you have some answears for me.

and if this wil succeed we can all come to get together and drink allot of beer and tell the great story of when the advancing horde of dwarf army ran over the battle field and still kicked everybodys ass.