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    1000 point Dwarf, coming back to the game after a LONG break

    Hi Guys,

    haven't played Warhammer since '99 (was Dwarf back then too) and just got back into it with some friends from work. We are slowly building our armies and first we will be playing 1000 point game next weekend. Orcs and Goblins, Dark Elves and Tomb Kings are confirmed to be there, while there is a chance of us seeing an Ogre and Wood Elves army.

    With that said, here is my list so far...

    Thane w/ 2h weapon
    MR of Gromril
    Rune of Resistance 117

    20 Warriors w/ shields
    w/ full command 205

    16 Longbeards w/ shields
    w/ full command
    w/ MR of Grungi 267

    20 Quarrellers w/ shields 240

    Bolt Thrower w/ Engineer
    Rune of Penetration 85
    Bolt Thrower w/ Engineer
    Rune of Penetration 85

    Total 999

    The idea is to deploy units as following:


    Thane (T) can be in front having 1+ re-rollable save with 5+ ward against missilles.
    Warriors (W), in 5x4 formation, and Longbeards (LB ), in 4x4, will be behind, while Quarrellers (Q), in 8x2 will on the opposite side of the Bolt Throwers. Warrs, Thane and Quarrs will be within 6 inches of LBs so the Ward save is in effect.

    Plan is to wait for the opponent to get close, blasting BTs at chariots/cavalryy and having Quarrellers shoot at infantry, absorbing their arrows thanks to good saves (4+ AS, then 5+ Ward on Warrs and LBs). Then, move Warrs in front to absorb the charge and flank with Longbeards and use Thane to challenge whenever possible (I like the idea of 3 WS6, S6 attacks, with 1+ re-rollable AS).

    MRofGrungi is questionable at 1000 point level but even today, almost a decade later, the first memory of playing Warhammer is watching my army dissapear to arrow fire. (well, thats a lie. The first memory that comes to mind is giving your 5th Edition of Master Rune of Gromril, the one that cost 150 points and gave your character T10 and rolling around with a 485 point unit that never died and killed everything on a first wound... but thats another story).

    My debate are Quarrellers. 240 points will get me an Organ Gun and a Cannon with Rune of Forging. Quarrellers will fire 8 times a turn, on average that is 4 S4 hits, while Organ Gun alone is 5 S5 hits alone. Since I don't plan to march, all the I will have units protecting all the artillery. Do you think that replacing Quarrellers with some combination of Organ Gun/Cannons makes sense?

    Thanks for all the input ahead of the time.

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    First of all you cannot have the same combination of Runes on the two bolt throwers if you want to keep them that way I would put a Rune of Burning on one so that they are follow the three rules for Runes. For the Quarrellers I would say 20 is way too big of a block for them; I have found that ranged units are best in units of ten max and with just a musician and shields for survivability. Cutting the quarreller unit in half would still give you plenty of fire from them and allow you to maybe add at least the organ gun that you were talking about. Although what I would do here is to trim the blocks down to 15 max for just 1000 points that is all you really need from my experience and instead of adding in more warmachines I would priortize getting another shield warrior block, but that is just me.

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