Hey. After reading some of the forum posts lately I've decided to post my problem. and hope that some of the experienced Longbeards can give me some answers.

I'll post my Army list first so you'll get my drift.


Thane: greatweapon, handgun, gromril armour (RoStone,RoAdamant) 129 pts

Runesmith: greatweapon, gromril armour (RoStone,RoBalance) 129 pts

Dragonslayer: slayeraxes 50 pts


Warriorsx15: hand weapon, shield, heavy armour, banner 145 pts (runesmith regiment)

Warriorsx16: hand weapon, shield, heavy armour, banner 154 pts

Longbeardsx14: hand weapon, shield, heavy armour, banner 178 pts (thane regiment)


Bolt thrower: Engineer (RoPenetrating) 85 pts


Organ gun (RoReloading) <--- know I can't use runes now -.- 130 pts

I figure I should probably give you my opponents list. Although what I really need help for, is inventing some tactic to be able to counter attack and hopefully kill any etherals attempting to tackle my army. but hey here we go:


Vampire: with sword of might and some other vampiric powers (red fury etc)

Wight: with the killing blow magic item giving a killing blow on 5+ (vanquished my T6 thane in one round of combat -.-)


Skeletonsx10 (meatshield, or, boneshield. don't think they had much equipment)

Skeletonsx19 hand weapon, light armour?, shield, banner (this is where he put his vampire)


Graveguardx16 Wightblades and shields and heavy armour (wight hero in here creating a deadly killing blow regiment)


Wraithsx3 Tomb bansheem, great weapons (movement 6 -.- mean vs dwarves, ETHERALS! *cry*)

SO. Yes, I know that under the right circumstances I'd might have had a chance of winning. but since we had two forests at the middle of the field, my Boltthrower could only get off one shot at the wraiths which missed, (damn skirmishers -.-) I really like the idea of this army. being able to deal with most enemies. and dispel all magic attempts.

I simply need an experienced longbeard to tell me the best ways for dwarves to vanquish etherals once and for all (without having magic items on my heroes. I'd rather not use lotsa points on weapons when I can get a greataxe for just 4 pts and the slayeraxes come for free). thanks for any replies and advices =)