Hi guys,

Taking a break from my Anvil list, I was discussing with a friend the current viability of a Strollaz list. I then put together a list and over the past fortnight have been testing and tweaking it into something that I can say unequivocally is our best chance of defeating the Big Three (VC,DE and Daemons) short of taking an AoD. The list combines increased maneuverability with solid flank plugs but does require a tactical savvy when it comes to deployment and tactics.

The small units of Warriors are, ironically, the list's biggest asset. First off, it confuses your opponent when you put them down, (as everyone expects at least one block of 20+) and they are there to be destroyed. They run ahead of the line to bait and flee/negate rank and flank. Cheap, too, considering their durability. I've just found that my usual big block doesn't cut it anymore. Hammerers and Slayers plug the flanks reliably (N.B. I deliberately didn't put the Lord with the Ham's) whilst the Longbeards and Ironbreakers have unbelievable SCR and hit hard.

The only thing I'm tempted to do, is exchange the Ironbreakers for more Hammerers in the future as sometimes the Ironbreakers +1 AS isn't quite as good as Stubborn. But here it is, and any comments are much appreciated.

DWARFS 2000 pts.

Dwarf Lord – 281 pts.

BSB Thane – 170 pts.
BSB/Strollaz Rune/RoBattle

Runesmith – 131 pts.

10 Warriors – 90 pts.

10 Warriors – 90 pts.

18 Longbeards – 266 pts.
Full Command/Shields/RoBattle

18 Ironbreakers – 314 pts.
Full Command/RoStoicism/RoBattle

14 Hammerers – 230 pts.
Standard Bearer/Musician/Shields/RoCourage

14 Slayers – X pts.

1 Cannon – 130 pts.

1 Gyrocopter – X pts.

TOTAL: 1996 pts.
DP: 5 + 2 Runes