Lord - Pistol, fury, cleaving, stone,

Runesmith - rune of balance, scroll, great weapon, stone

Master engineer - Brace of Pistols

Master Engineer - Brace of pistols

Cannon - Engineer, Brace, forging

Cannon - Engineer, brace, forging, burning

Grudge Thrower, Rune of Accuracy, penetrating, engineer, brace of pistols

20 Hemmerer - Full Command

Organ Gun

Gyro Copter

10 Thunderers - shields

10 Thunderers - shields

14 Quarellers - shields

15 Tunderers - FC, shields

The only think missing is the anvil, and I tink the character selection I have taken may work out to be just as good, and even a little different. I have very solid, well protected war machines. THe reason I took engineers on all, ewven when I don't necessarily need them is for counter atack, I find that three protectors don't necessarily cut it, but 4 and 5 on some with the ME is not too bad, especially on the two that are entrenched, they are going tro be very hard to move. I took the lord for the ability he gives to the hammerers, the anti fear and terror, and he is the second block for counter attack if any serious units make it to my lines, the other block is the smaller reformable 15 thunderers. I can maybe put the runesmith with the thunderers as well. Those hammerers and lord are a 500 point unit. A pretty mean one in terms of armour and static res, and punch, but ifyou think that it's not worth it, and I would be better off going with a squad of longbeards and one warriors, I'm open to that too.