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Thread: first 2k list

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    first 2k list

    Hey people

    Our local gaming club is having a practice tournament. The theory is we play each other in 2000pt games to hone our tournament lists and playing styles and the reason for this is generally we tend to play low point games of 1000pts or less. We all stick ten euro in and the winner gets a battalion box set of their choice so theres incentive to win as im looking to start a small bretonnian force!

    I'm trying to make a list up but could do with some advice from more experienced players. We are allowed to tweak our lists between battles to improve them but the idea is to try and stick to the main theme once we start. Obviously if the list is a complete disaster it'll require a major rethink. My first two battles are against a shooty skaven army and a very experienced ogre kingdoms one. The rest of the armies are a pretty good mix. Ok heres the list.

    Lords and Heroes
    Runelord - 323pts
    Anvil of doom
    Rune of Stone

    Thane - 94pts
    Great weapon
    MR of Gromril

    Thane - 195pts
    Battle Standard
    Strollaz Rune
    MR of Grungni

    Warrior x 23 - 232pts
    full command

    Warrior x 23 - 232pts
    full command

    Longbeards x 19 - 253pts
    full command

    Ironbreaker x 15 - 255pts
    Full command
    Rune of courage

    Grudge Thrower - 120pts
    Rune of accuracy

    Bolt Thrower - 85pts
    Rune of penetrating

    Bolt Thrower - 90pts
    Rune of penetrating
    Rune of burning

    Organ gun 120pts

    Total: 1999pts

    As you can see the object is to get across the field as quick as possible using the strollaz rune and anvil and hopefully get stuck straight in to combat. I may even get a charge in! I figured against the ogres id only get 1 - 2 rounds of shooting anyway. The MR of grungni should help me weather any missile fire from ratling guns/ jezzails/ gnoblar scrap launchers etc. Im not sure whether to take ironbreakers or hammerers though. With only 15 im leaning towards the hammerers for being stubborn but think at least the ironbreakers can hopefully attract and survive missile fire.

    The plan is to have a central block of Longbeards with warriors to either side. BSB in longbeards so i get missile fire protection and rerolls for panic and break tests for the three core units. The bolt throwers will be deployed on opposite flanks (near the table edges) so im not blocking my own line of sight and the organ gun goes on one flank and the ironbreakers/hammerers on the other. I am thinking of possibly dropping a rune of penetration and organ gun for a gyrocopter to help protect the flanks, or possibly lose the organ gun for 10 troll slayers on the flank. Any thoughts?

    The first game is Monday afternoon against the ogres so i'll post results up after. Hopefully someone more experienced out there can give me some tweaking advice before then. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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