Master Engineer – 70pts

Runesmith – 70pts

Core Troops

19 Warriors – shields, full command and great weapons (Runesmith goes here) – 234pts

20 Warriors – shields & full command – 205pts

10 Thunderers – shields, full command – 175pts

10 Thunderers – shields, full command – 175pts

10 Thunderers – shields, full command – 175pts

1 Cannon – Engineer – Rune of Burning - 110pts

1 Grudge Thrower – Engineer, Rune of Penetrating, Rune of Accuracy, Rune of Burning – 150pts

1 Organ Gun – Rune of Burning - 135pts

Total 1499pts


Clearly a shooty army, the main aim of the force is to cause as much damage at range as possible.

At range, the whole lot prioritise fast-moving targets

When the enemy is in close range and charge, the aim of the Thunderers is to cause as much damage to the chargers before either:
A: Hold the unit which is then charged in the flank (situation permitting)
B: Die – leaving their opponent in open ground and a nice target for the artillery,

The Warriors are there to offer blocks of steel to guard key areas (ie Artillery) and offer effective counter-charges, looking to win by Combat Resolution. The Warriors with great weapons are to be used to offer more damage when necessary.

The Runesmith adds that little extra anti-magic, and the Master Engineer to entrench the Grudge Thrower as well as get in the way of any flyers

The Cannon is for pretty much all situations, but primarily for chariots & characters (ie Wizards) standing on their own.

Grudge thrower and Organ gun just shoot at whatever looks the most dangerous, with the Organ Gun’s focus on anything threatening the artillery.

Rune of Burning all round to annoy those vulnerable to it.

Effectiveness so far:

Against a WOC force they pretty much died before reaching the line – that said it would have taken turn 4 to reach me, and he had 5 units in total – 2 of which were Knights.

The Knight (1) that did make it into combat destroyed a unit of Thunderers before finding a cannonball in his chest

The Grudge Thrower was extremely destructive

I am yet to see what will happen when the enemy get all into combat with the line and whether the counter-charge tactic will work, but I feel I have added a little for all armies I may face in a Tournament.



Lack of good characters – very much a troop army
If I have first turn, only the cannon and grudge thrower will get to shoot.
Not as much anti-magic as I would have liked

Opinions? I am tempted to remove the command from the Thunderers and use that to upgrade the characters a little, but adding that little survivability is always nice.