So basically i'm in the middle of a league right now and in a couple of days I'm going to be playing Dark Elves for the first time since their new book came out. Sometimes he takes a dragon and 2 hydras and sometimes he takes magic heavy with a lord sorceress.

So heres my list:


Anvil of Doom
Rune of Stone
Rune of Balance
Rune of Spellbreakingx1
Great Weapon


Master Rune of Gromil


25 Warriors
Full Command

20 Longbeards
Full Command
Rune of Stoicism

10 Thunderers

15 Miners

20 Ironbreakers
Full CommandS
Rune of Determination

1 Cannon
Rune of Forging

Bolt Thrower
Rune of Penetrating

Bolt Thrower
Engineer w/ Brace of Pistols
Rune of Penetrating
Rune of Burning

Organ Gun


So basically i play a heavily offensive dwarf army but since I'm scared of a dragon and 2 hydras i decided to take some more warmachines than usual. I was considering taking a master engineer for my cannon so that i do d6 wounds instead of d3 which could potentially take down a hydra in one shot(I think) I dont usually take Ironbreakers does any have experience with them? are they worth the points? would i be better off with more warriors or hammerers?

Im expecting him to take 2 bolt throwers so the gyrocoptor can deal with them. and hopefully the anvil will be shooting and slowing the dragon until he dies.

any advice on how to deal with dark riders? I was thinking one well timed shot from an organ gun would deal with them but sometimes he takes 2 units. im hoping that my thunderers can deal with any harpies that hunt down my warmachines and im pretty sure my blocks of infantry can easily deal with his. Although he takes black guard(not really sure what they do.)

So theres my list! thanks for looking at it.