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    2000pts friendly

    dwarf list i'm playing round with

    Dwarf Lord w/Shieldbearershand weapon, shield, gromril armour173MRo Swiftness, Ro Cleaving, Ro Stone 50(in unit of longbeards)Dwarf Battle Standard Bearerhand weapon, shield, gromril armour67MRo Valaya100(in unit of longbeards)Dwarf Runesmithhand weapon, shield, gromril armour722 Ro spellbreaking, Ro Stone55(in unit of warriors)19 Dwarf Warriorshand weapons, shield, heavy armourfull command19620 Dwarf Warriorshand weapons, shield, heavy armourfull command20517 Dwarf Longbeardshand weapons, shield, heavy armourveteran and musician21916 Quarreller'scrossbow's, hand weapon, light armour, shieldmusician19716 Thunderershandgun, hand weapon, shield, light armourmusician24512 Thunderershandgun, hand weapon, shield, light armourmusician185Organ Gun3 crew with hand weapon, light armour120Organ Gun3 crew with hand weapon, light armour120Total2004

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    Hi there Lenoirmort and welcome to LO

    Firstly, I would like you to take a look at some of the other army lists on the forum. There are good examples on how to make an army list with a nice overview.
    In addition to that, it is against the forum rules, to have points cost on seperate things. In this case, im thinking about your, MroValaya. When making the list, only type the total points cost for the hero. Also, you dont have to write the equipment, that are there from the beginning. Just write what you buy for them.
    You didnt know, so im just giving you a heads-up

    Anyway, on to your list. Both your Lord and Runesmith have the RoStone engraved on their armour. As that rune is the only one you have choosen, it is against the, Rule of Price. You cannot have two items which carry the same runes. So try and find an additional rune for one of them. You could, for example, give your Runesmith a GW and a MroGromril. A ''wizard'' with str 6 attacks and a 1+ save.
    I would give standard bearer to the Longbeards.
    In a 2k fight, you might need one of your elite troops in addition to the oldies. I suggest you try and fit in, either a nice 19/20 block of either Ironbreakers or Hammerers. They're just too good not to be taken.

    Hope this was somewhat helpfull to you. And welcome once more.

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