Hi guys, I just won my first dwarfs Minis off ebay. Here's my list.

Lord with GW, Shield Bearers, Stone, Oath, Resistance. 230
Thane with Stone, Fury, Cleaving, Spanghelm , Oath. 162
Runesmith with 3x SpellBreaking, shield. 147

10 Thunderers. XXX
19 LongBeards, Banner, Grungni. 287
10 Thunderers. XXX

19 Hammerers, shields, Banner, Rune of Battle. 289
19 Hammerers, shields, Banner, Courage. 289
Bolthrower with Engineer, Penetrating, Seeking, Burning. 105
Bolthrower with Engineer, Penetrating, Burning. 90

Organ. XXX