Alright so I've been given an offer on 2 skull pass worth of dwarfs ($60) and I'm thinking I'll take it. So I'm here to ask if the deals worth it.
I've always wanted to start a shooty dwarf army and with the 2 skull pass sets it gives me a start...

Thane 67
Hand Weapon, Shield, Gromril Armor

Dwarf Warriors 241
24 (Full Command [Thane Here])

Thunderers 305
20 (Full Command)

Miners 201
16 (full Command)

Cannon 90
3 crew

Cannon 90
3 crew

List comes to 994

So I just want to know if it's a deal worth buying or if Its not. And for the future I'd plan on adding more war machines Thunderers and maybe another block of warriors.