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    Help with 2000pts Vs Tomb Kings

    I've been away from Warhammer for quite a while due to personal circumstances, but now I'm back and somewhat struggling...

    I need to put together a 2k list to play against a friends tomb Kings army - incidentally i've never yet even managed a draw with him let alone a win - and i really need some help with my army list.

    The only 2k list of mine that I can find is the following (bearing in mind i only found my army book this morning):

    Dwarf Lord
    Shieldbearers, RoStone, Great Weapon

    Thane ( BSB )
    MRoGromril, RoStriking

    Great Weapon, Shield, RoStone, 2 x RoSpellbreaking.

    24 Warriors
    Full Command, Shields

    10 Quarrellers
    Shields, Musician

    10 Quarrellers
    Shields, Musician

    1 Cannon

    Bolt Thrower
    Engineer, RoPenetrating

    19 Ironbreakers
    Full Command, RoStoicism, RoBattle

    18 Hammerers
    Full Command, RoStoicism

    Organ Gun


    Total 1996

    I don't own an anvil so I can't make an anvil list, I do have a list of models available if anyone wants to make any other suggestions.

    The above list is one I put together for a ladder league held between a few friends, and it generally didn't do too badly, with mainly wins against DE and Empire but lost every game against TK.

    Unfortunately given the time that has elapsed i couldn't give an accurate description of what the TK general fields, except that i do remember that he has a very killy lord that doesnt even have to swing his blade, 2 screaming skull catapults and a shedload of magic - oh and usually 6 chariots iirc...

    I'm guessing i need to lose to him a few more times while writing down what happens in each game so that I can try and analyse what is happening and which units are performing badly etc, I just throught I'd try and give myself a bit of a head start since i havent picked up a dice in almost a year...

    Thanks in advance for everyone's help

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    Rite, your lord needs a ward save, even if you just buy two Ro Iron for a 5+ ward. A naked Lord can be good but if he comes up agaisnt somthing not giving him an armour save it can be very costly, especialy if in the hammerers who then loose thier ability to be immune to fear and terror. If your opponent has chariots also, making your lord Strength 7 with Great weapon + Ro Cleaving + MRo Kragg the Grim is a maybe.

    I think you can save a few points by removing musicians on your quarrellers.

    Your list generaly looks fine, but from experiance of using balanced lists they general i have found strugle against tomb kings on a number of points;
    1) tomb kings are fast,
    2) thier magic always gets cast bound which eats into your dispel dice quickly,
    and 3) dwarfs like using block units which are perfect targets for the potential 4 stone thrower shots per turn.

    I think the secret must lie in nuetralizing one or more of these problems. Probably the best thing i can suggest is a unit of 12ish miners to come on the bord at some point and hit the skull catapults to either destroy them or at least tie them up. I would suggest dropping the organ gun and bolt thrower to fit in another cannon and pot shot the catapults from afar aswell. A Master Engineer will let you cause d6 damage instead of just d3 aswell but i think its just a little bit of over kill in this case.

    As for the Lord with Destroyer of eternities, issue a challenge with the unit champion, and as long as he is cocky enough to accept with his lord and not his unit champion, then he can only hit you unit champion meaning he has just the one attack if im thinking correctly. I know it has two ways of being used, 1 being thet it hits automaticaly the models in base contact but i cant remember the other. Flaming weapons on the TK are also good as they are flamable (flaming causing double wounds) and it also negates regeneration if he has it from somewhere.

    Sorry couldnt be muchmore help.
    Last edited by saltrock36; January 4th, 2010 at 11:06.

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    Ok.. Well my experiance with Tomb Kings is that the army is about,

    -Lots of magic
    -archers(always hit on 5+, arrows of the asp)
    -Tomb Giants(Brrrrr)

    I think u will need a lot of more magic defence to fight TK, if you let him allow to cast to much he will repair and repair and repair, thay can cast a lot of times the same spells.

    I would not exspect too much skeleton warriors because they suck.

    Ok the army,

    U could consider giving your lord an wardsave at least or he will be killed.

    Consider a rune of balance with your runesmith, you will take away one power dice of him which means one less incantation, maybe even consider putting another runesmith in your army for another extra dispel dice. TK are nothing without their magic. Maybe lose the gw and just only use the shield they got low toughness anyway and a runesmith won't defeat a tombprince or king.

    If you putt your lord in your hammer unit they will be immune to the fear and terror.

    Maybe get rid of the rune of stoicism on your ironbreakers and puta rune of courage in it.

    Well you can get loose of the chariots easy with your bolt thrower and cannon because its a unit so try to hit it in the flank.

    U could consider taking some miners to beat that catapults.

    I think the gyrocopter is a very good choice because TK have a low toughness and AS. you could consider to get rid of the organ gun and take miners instead but that's up to you to decide

    Hope i could help because i hate TK!

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    I don;t know that much about TK's but from what you lot have said then I think you should definitely include miners. They will be able to eliminate enemies like skull catapults and even lone wizards.

    Also, you may want to think about using strollaz rune on your hammerers or iron breakers because if you can get the charge on one of the chariots unit with a fully ranked unit then they're basically dead.

    Also (correct me if I'm wrong, but don't the TK's rely on their leech priests to keep them alive?
    If so then you may consider adding in see more missile troops. Failing this, make sure that you concentrate your fire to take out key units because it sounds like TK's have some amazing units (chariots, tomb lords) and some rubbish units ( warriors).

    Finally the gyrocopter is definitely a good edition to the army because it adds some much needed speed to the army.

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