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    2000pt Friendly Dwarf List

    Lord/- Heroes
    Dwarf Lord Balik Firebeard = 215
    shield, 2x rune of fury, rune of cleaving, rune of resistance, rune of stone
    Runesmith Durrin Hammershield= 125
    shield, rune of balance, rune of stone
    Runesmith Okri Stonefist = 77
    shield, rune of stone
    Dwarf Warriors = 195
    x20 shields, standard, musician
    Dwarf Warriors = 235
    x20 great weapons, standard, musician, shields
    Dwarf Warrior = 195
    x20 shields, standard, musician
    Dwarf Warrior = 195
    x20 shields, standard, musician
    Dwarf Warrior = 150
    x15 shields, standard, musician

    Slayers= 232 x20, standard
    Hammerers = 258
    x20 shields, standard, musician

    Organ Gun = 120

    1997 total points

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    You certainly seem to love those dwarf warrior units. How do you intend on using your list?

    Any Chance of Getting Shield bearers on that lord of yours? +2 armoursave and unit strength 3 (immune to killing blow), means unless your going for just poisen attacks you can get rid of rune of resistance. Also a personal ward, even just 2 runes of iron for a 5+ save is going to come in extremely useful against character killers or attacks not allowing armour saves.

    If your just going to march forward you should drop the organ gun. With a range of just 24" it is going to be left behind and find it hard to draw line of sight and range to enemies unless your lucky enough to get a hill.

    Next, with so many units i would desperatly squeeze q BSB in there to reroll break tests, giving him Rune of Guarding for a personal 5+ ward and then either Strollaz's Rune to get your army moving or Master Rune of Grungni to give a little protectoin to nearby units from missile fire.

    Put 2-3 slayer champions in the unit so that unless they get targetted specificaly they can always make thier attacks. Without them you run the risk of having you front rank wiped out and getting no attacks back. Yes i realsie you wont be running anywhere but its always nice to take down some of them in the process rather than just being a meat block. you dont need the standard either.

    Lastly have you though about upgrading a unit of Warriors to Longbeards? +1 S +1WS and immune to panic is great for what your going to pay for it and they allow nearby units to reroll panic.
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