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    2000 points, could do with some advice

    Hi, i have recently been experimenting with some close combat based dwarf lists, and was hoping i could get some useful criticism on the list i have come up with thanks.

    Dwarf lord - 301
    - Shieldbearers
    - Great weapon
    - Master rune of steel
    - Rune of stone
    - Rune of resistance
    - Master rune of spite

    Thane - 220
    - Battle Standard
    - Master rune of grungni
    - Strollaz' rune
    - Rune of battle

    Runesmith - 149
    - Great weapon
    - Master rune of balance
    - Master rune of gromril

    Dragon slayer - 125
    - Rune of might
    - Rune of fury
    - Rune of snorri spanglehelm

    20 Warriors - 205
    - Shields
    - Full command

    20 Longbeards - 285
    - Shields
    - Full command
    - Rune of determination

    10 Thunderers

    19 Ironbreakers - 328
    - Musician + Standard
    - Rune of determination
    - Rune of courage

    9 Slayers - 120
    - Musician
    - 1 giant slayer

    Organ gun

    Total = 1993

    The idea at the moment is for the lord and the thane to go into the unit of ironbreakers hence why there is no champion there would be no room, the runesmith in the longbeards and the dragon slayer in with the slayers. The thunderers are there for some flank protection but also to make up core unit choices, the organ gun is also for a degree of protection.

    Any help would be much appreciated


    “Secret operations are essential in war; upon them the army relies to make its every move.” - Sun Tzu
    For the glory of the Dwarves! - LO Army Builder

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    Even though the Runesmith would be vulnerable, I would probably give him a RoSpellbreaking instead of the MroGromril. Its always nice to have some insurance if the DD's dont work.

    Remember, that a lord on a shield and a hero requires 3 spaces. So you only have to pay for 17 Ironbreakers instead.

    Like the Dragon Slayer. Should be fun....if he makes it to combat *Fingers Crossed!*

    As you'll be marching, I would lose the thunderers and get some more Slayers. As the thunderers are move OR fire, they just wont be able to keep up. Also, you can now use the slayers as flank protectors. Even though thunderers can shoot, there isnt a lot of units they can stand up against. And if you just want them to shoot once or make them flee after they receive the charge, you might as well get some models who can actually stand against them.

    I assume your Lord is intended to face those hard hitting enemy characters or mighty creatures, right? Just be carefull where you put him and who he fights. The enemy can just avoid the unit, making you deal with some low point units, which he couldnt care less if loosing. You've given him a lot of points, so make sure he gets to fight the tough characters. Most likely in duels. Kill the champion quickly, so he cant accept with him.

    Really like the Organ Gun. Make sure it gets atleast one or two shoots of against the units you're afraid of. If it dosent work, the Bolt Thrower is perhaps a better choice. Being deployed away from the main army, you'll be able to see almost all the enemy units. And perhaps, being able to attract a unit or two. And ofcourse, you would save a point or two.

    Thats only advice from my point of view

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    I'll have few things to say. First if u take out Thunderers u'll face one small problem. 2 core units (3 required). If it has to be army moving forward I can see a Strollaz' rune use a long range machine not an Organ get Grudge trower. All entire army is marching and a catapult is crushing toughest units (No armor save)

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