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    750 tourney list

    so i first want to start off with saying that i only have 2 weeks left before the tournament. and the fact that it isnt really that competitive but there are still alot of good players..with that being said and without further adu(spelling?)

    Heroes: Master Engineer with master rune of Gromril....95pts

    Core: 10 Thunderers x2.....280pts
    10 Quarrellers.........110pts
    15 Warriors w/ shields, musician, standard and rune of ancestors.....160

    Special: Cannon w/ rune of reloading and rune of burning......105


    Heroes: Master Engineer with master rune of Gromril....95pts

    Core: 10 Quarrellers x2.....220pts

    Special: 20 Ironbreakers with musician, standard and rune of courage....308pts
    Bolt Thrower......45pts


    Heroes: Master engineer w/ master rune of Gromril....95pts

    Core: 10 Quarrellers x2....220pts
    10 Thunderers....140pts

    Special: Cannon w/rune of reloading.....95pts
    Grudgethrower w/rune of accuracy and rune of burning....110pts
    Bolthrower w/rune of penetrating and engineer.....85pts

    now the reason i am going with a very shooty list, except the iron breakers in the one group, is because its a doubles tournament and im getting paired up with a buddy of mine who is playing brettonia. because of the alot of my hero choices are limited as well as my rare choices. for sure i know hes going to have alot of knights(what bretonian player wouldnt?) but other than that im not 100% sure yet. any comments would be appreciated and criticism is much appreciated!

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    Shooty eh. First off:
    - Either give the master engineer a great weapon
    - or remove the master rune of gromril and give him a shield and rune of stone ( which is also a 2+ save, 1+ in combat )

    The first makes him choppy in combat for only a few points and the second saves money.

    Give him a brace of pistols too, very handy to take down some guys when charged, or shoot at warmachine hunters or flyers that are in close proximity, because he has 360 degrees sight.
    Let's try the ME with shield and rune of stone and brace of pistols: 87 pts

    Next up; take 10 quarrelers ( with shields ) and 10 thunderers ( with shields ) : 270 pts
    With shields their save is upped to 5+ , which is decent, and a respectable 4+ in combat. These guys can handle themselves better in combat ( if it comes to that ) than any other missile unit in the game.

    Take a bolt thrower with the rune of penetrating, burning and an engineer with brace of pistols: 95 pts
    This bolt thrower can do the job of the cannon for less points and won't blow up. If you ever want to take a cannon you should take it with a rune of forging, or it's no good and blows up too easily. Brace of pistols for the same reason as the master engineer.

    And secondly take a grudge thrower with rune of penetrating and accuracy: 130 pts.
    Put the master engineer with this one and you can reroll the scatterdice, artillery dice, it has str 5 and allows no armoursaves. A fearsome killing machine. And the str 5 has another small benefit, if it happens to scatter onto your brettonian allies he will have a 5+ wardsave due to str 5

    You have 168 pts left to spend on whatever you want.

    Maybe 15 warriors with shields and full command to buff the combat ability of your army a bit more ( 160 pts )
    Or add the cannon with rune of forging ( 125 pts )
    Or take an extra 10 quarrelers with shields ( 110 pts ) or 10 extra thunderers with shields ( 150 pts )
    If you take the cannon, or quarrelers you will have points left for a couple extra runes on the master engineer´s handweapon.

    Another fun option would be:
    - 10 quarrelers with the ranger upgrade, great weapons, shields and a champion. ( 160 pts )
    I think I would take this option, but thats just my preference. It allows you to get a unit really close to the enemy and take a few short ranged shots, but more importantly, this unit is very close so it can support the knights when they charge in with their great weapons, and the shields will protect them from missile fire, and can be used for a 4+ save in combat.

    Hope it helped.

    582 pts

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