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    2000pts Balance To Take On All Comer's

    Right its been a few years since i've played my great dwarfs and i'm looking at taking them back out of the cupboard and dust the off and let them see battle once one, enough rubbish heres the list.....

    Dwarf Lord, Great Weapon, Shield Bearers, Rune Of Stone, 2 Rune Of Iron. 211pts

    Thane, BattleStandard, Rune Of Stone, Rune Of Cleaving, Rune Of Fury. 140pts

    Runepriest, Master Rune Of Balance, Rune Of Stone, Shield. 127pts

    20 Warriors, Shield, Command. 205pts

    20 Longbeards, Shield, Command, Rune Of Courage. 265pts

    10 Thunderers, Shield. 150pts

    10 Quarrellers, Shield. 120pts

    10 Quarrellers, Shield. 120pts

    20 Hammerers, Shields, Command, Rune Of Battle. 325pts

    Cannon, Rune Of Burning. 95pts

    Organ Gun. 120pts

    Organ Gun. 120pts

    Total = 1998
    Dwarfs = 93
    Dispel Dice = 6
    Machine's= 3

    I would like to hear your advice from other fellow dwarf players or just give me tips/ideas on how to tweak it just abit, look forward to hear from ya

    Little Dave

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    quik-quik, kill-kill! The bearded one's Avatar
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    Your characterbuilds look solid, nothing wrong. My own lord is the same, but has a Masterrune of spite for the 4+ ward.
    The list looks great, 3 solid combat units. Organ guns are good also, but I think you'd be better off with 1 organ gun, and a pair of bolt throwers, or a str. 7 bolt thrower.

    And about this I have to say 'fail' :
    Cannon, Rune Of Burning. 95pts

    0.o Apologies, I don't mean to be insulting, I just spent 30 minutes looking through an 'epic failures pictures' topic.

    What I mean is that a cannon has to have the rune of forging standard, or it's not really worth the points. It only does D3 wounds, so you do not want it to blow up quikly. Rune it up with a rune of forging, it makes the cannon uncounted times more reliable.
    To get the points for these upgrades you could drop 1 organ gun and 1 quarreler unit. With these 240 pts you can buy 2 bolt throwers with engineer, and rune of penetrating ( and 1 of them a rune of burning, because you can't have identical rune combo's ) -> 175 pts. The remaining 65 pts can be used to change the cannon's rune of burning to a rune of forging. That leaves 35 pts. 15 pts to replace the 2 runes of iron for a masterrune of spite, and then 20 more points for.. well, something of choice.

    Hope it helps. The list looks solid, and can take on most enemies. It just needs a bit of diversity in the warmachines and a pair of bolt throwers can take out a lot of dangerous things, especially when they have str 7 * chariot killer * .
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    From my experience, I think a rune of spellbreaking is important. The six dispel dices wont always be enough. Therefore, being able to pull out a last resort, can save the day.

    As The Bearded One suggests, a rune of forging on the cannon is a must. It makes it somewhat expensive, but you'll then have one of the most reliable warmachines in the game, being able to re-roll both the shot and the bounce.

    Personally, I like to have a second Thane, who is able to kill a thing or two, along side my Lord. Either that, or find the room for a rune of guarding (IIRC), to help protecting the BSB. But thats just my taste..

    I honestly think, its going to be very difficult to deploy all your missile troops. Unless you have a very broard hill, you have to put your missile troops in the center or at the flanks. Sometimes its a good thing, deploying the shooty units, dead center of the army, but with three units and three war machines, I just think it becomes quite difficult. In addition to that, even though you'll get some shooting off, they still make easy targets = a way to break through the combat line. Perhaps remove atleast one of the units and an organ gun. Why a Bolt Thrower instead of an Organ Gun? Being able to destroy chariots, as easy as breaking a branch, is just too tempting. And quite cheap! After the removal of a shooty and unit, you'll also be able to bulk up the warrior units to 25, making them even stronger. And you'll get some points to either reinforce your characters or your units.

    Besides those personal opinions, the list looks cool. Happy hunting.

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