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    2000pts - friendly(my first ever dwarfs)

    ok quick intro i have only just made my dwarf army i have played 2 battles with mismatched lists and now this is my final 2k list and i just wanted some feedback :D

    General (always with hammerers)
    Dwarf lord -306pts
    Mrune adamant
    rune stone
    Mrune kragg the grim
    rune fury
    rune cleaving
    great weapon

    BSB thane (always with longbeards)
    Thane - 170pts
    Mrune gromril
    rune fury
    rune cleaving
    rune fire

    Dispell mule (can be placed anywhere)
    3x rune spellbreaking

    Core units

    24 Longbeards - 391pts
    full command
    great weapons
    rune of courage
    (centre left)

    10 Quarrelers - 120pts
    (right flank)

    10 Thunderers - 150pts
    (left flank)

    Special units

    18 hammerers - 314pts
    full command
    Mrune of grungi
    (centre right)

    2 Bolt throwers - 160pts
    (machine 1)
    rune reloading
    rune of burning
    (machine 2)
    Mrune skewering
    (flanking hammerer and longbeard units)
    (otherwise on hill if available)

    Rare units

    Organ gun 1 - 120pts

    Organ gun 2 - 120pts
    (available to deploy facing stong enemy unitssuch as knights or big anchor units)

    2000 pts exactly

    1 lord
    2 heroes
    3 core
    2 special
    2 rare

    65 dwarfs (not machine crews)
    4 machines

    all feedback welcome positive and negative and all ideas on what i can change in my army very very welcome bear in mind that this is my first ever dwarf army and only my second fantasy army so dont be too mean :D

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