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    Member Sigelus's Avatar
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    Barak Varr (UK)
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    2000 Dwarfs vs Skaven friendly

    Hi I've been out of the game for a while and have a friendly coming up with a friend and I have not had a chance to look at the new Skaven army book. Any tips or advice on the following would be greatly appreciated.

    My friend has all of the models but wants to use a Hell Pit Abomination, Screaming Bell and if he can fit it in a Doomwheel. I can field most things but don't want to use a special character, nor do I have much luck with great weapons or my gyrocopter model staying in one piece.Thanks in advance.

    General Thane (for Longbeards) 135pts
    R o Stone
    R o Might
    MR o Flight

    Master Engineer (for Grudge Thrower) 90pts
    R o Warding

    Runesmith for warrior unit #1 145pts
    MR o Balance
    R o Might

    Runesmith for warrior unit #2 145pts
    MR o Spellbinding
    R o Spellbreaking

    Warrior unit #1 205pts
    20 warriors, fcg, shields.

    Warrior unit #2 205 pts
    20 warriors, fcg, shields.

    Longbeards 315pts
    20 longbeards, fcg, shields.
    R o Battle
    R o Stoicism

    Quarrellers 265pts (to set up in battleline (5x4) so crossbows can reach jezzails on a hill and large targets and fight in later rounds of combat)
    20 Quarrellers, fcg, shields.

    Grudge thrower 110pts
    R o Accuracy
    R o Burning

    Bolt thrower #1 65pts
    R o Burning

    Bolt thrower #2

    Organ gun

    Flame cannon

    Total 2000 pts

    Thanks again

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    Member Jazer506's Avatar
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    Karak Drakkazad
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    Hey Sigelus,
    I like your list but it has a few problems.

    1. You need a better thane
    Personally I always use the following:
    Thane 139 points
    MRo Gromril
    Ro Fury
    MRo Kragg The Grim
    This gives him 4 strength 6 attacks with a 1+ armour save

    2. You need some tougher fighting troops because at the moment all your dwarfs can do is kill some clan rats and maybe some storm vermin.
    Take some Ironbreakers because they're tough as nails and still strength four. Keep the Longbeards though.

    3.You need to get a cannon with Ro forging. It will help you against the abomination, screaming bell and doom wheels.

    4. You need some thunderers for some tougher and better armoured troops.

    To summerise, I would suggest giving your list a major over haul to fix these problems so you can be better at doing what dwarfs do best.
    Shoot your enemies to bits, forcing them to charge the dwarf battle line where you crush them with sheer toughness and resilience.
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    Junior Member Adam Tucker's Avatar
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    i like the list a lot but beside what the other guy said i am not sure the flame cannon is worth it. the range drop means they can charge it before it shoots

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