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Thread: 1500pt List

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    1500pt List

    I'm trying to make a list to see where I want to go with my Dwarf list. My opponent will let me proxy. I'll probably face skaven, but most likely beastmen.

    Master Engineer – 95
    RoResistance, RoStone, Pistol

    20 Warriors – 205
    FC, Shields

    20 Longbeards – 315
    FC, Shields, RoBattle, RoStoicism

    10 Thunderers – 150

    10 Thunderers - 150

    20 Hammerers – 290
    FC, Shields

    Bolt Thrower – 70

    Grudge Thrower – 105

    Organ Gun – 120

    Total: 1500

    I'm trying to make a list to see where I want to go with my Dwarf list. My opponent will let me proxy. I'll probably face skaven, but most likely beastmen. How does a Master Engineer list run? He will be on the Bolt Thrower and the turn before they get the charge will make a run for the grudge thrower. It is almost a certainty he will come for my warmachines. Please let me know what you think of it. I hope it runs well because I have yet to win a game with my dwarfs I have pulled a draw against skaven which I'm quite proud of because he is a much better general than I.

    Thanks for looking.

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    Where did my thumbs go?

    O, they went up!

    * thumbs up for this list *

    It looks pretty good, a solid list. The only thing I will have to remark upon is the lack of ( potent ) characters, the master engineer could propably use a great weapon as well.

    Your 3 combat units can bring the pain, but without a hero to babysit them a powerfull character can wreak havoc on your dwarfs, a beastmen gorebull for example.

    The master engineer can be a real treat, but his skills are best used on a cannon or grudge thrower. A bolt thrower you can give a regular engineer with BS4, for only 15 pts.
    And to make some room for characters I suggest to drop a few things; the Master engineer, rune of stoicism and 1 unit of thunderers ( they are powerfull, but you will need the heroes more, and they aren't much use if beastmen show up and attack them in turn 2 or 3. )
    This will free up 270 pts, buying an engineer for the bolt thrower leaves 255.

    With that you can buy a thane with shield, rune of stone and rune of cleaving/might ( 92/97 ) ,( the rune of might is awesome and can make short work of beastmen heroes, or skaven plague priests and doomwheels, but it has no effect on lower toughness ) and a thane with the battle standard ( a must if you have 3 large combat units ) , master rune of gromril, rune of cleaving and rune of resistance ( 160 )

    You could consider scaling down one of the units, and drop 5 warriors, or 5 hammerers, so you have some points to buff up other things, like your heroes and the hammerers banner.
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