I would like to know if the proposed army is something that is useable. 1999 points means NO lords. I have always liked the idea of massive mounts of models (like goblin, lizards and skaven). This is my idea of a dwarven horde. Personally I think that 110 dwarven is a scary thing to face. Combined with a denial of flank setup, this might stand a chance

The list:

Thane (General)
2H, shield, MRoGR, RoPreservation, MRoSpite

Thane (BS
2x RoS, RoPreservation

2H, shield, 2x scroll, RoS, RoPreservation

3x 20 Warriors FC, shield

1x 20 LongBeards FC, shield (runesmith goes here)

1x 10 quarrellers shield

1x 20 Ironbreakers FC, RoCourage (general + BSB go here)

2x BT, engineer

1x Gyrocopter

Total: 1996 points, 5 dispell, 2 scrolls