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    Need 8th ed master dwarf lord help!!!!!!!

    Why hello there,

    I just dusted off some old stuff I had laying around. I came across the battle for skull pass dwarves.
    Well all most , the pony, thane, slayer are mia.. Thats ok as I want to replace them with better stuff.
    Any who , I need your help getting up to 2k with the following.

    12 warriors w/ command
    8 miners w/ command
    10 Thunderers w/command

    I came across this list and like the model selection, will it still fair well in 8th ed?. what need's to be changed? (large units, more anti-magic, etc) I don't have books yet (please dont suggest buying them, I will)

    Dwarf Lord – 286 pts. (joins Hammerers)
    Shieldbearers, GW, MRoSteel, RoResistance, RoStone, MRoChallenge, RotFurnace.

    BSB Thane – 175 pts. (joins Longbeards)
    BSB, Strollaz Rune, RoCourage.

    Thane - 142 pts. (joins Longbeards)
    Shield, MRoSwiftness, RoFury, RoCleaving, RoStone

    Runesmith – 127 pts.
    Shield, RoSpellbreaking, RoSpellbreaking, RoStone.

    10 Quarrellers - 120 pts.

    10 Warriors - 90 pts.

    18 Longbeards – 291 pts.
    Full Command, Shields, RoBattle, RoStoicism

    18 Hammerers – 289 pts.
    Full Command, Shields, RoBattle.

    15 Slayers – 165 pts.

    1 Bolt Thrower – 90 pts.
    Engineer, RoPenetrating, RoBurning.

    1 Bolt Thrower – 85 pts.
    Engineer, RoPenetrating.

    1 Gyrocopter – 140 pts. (may sub for cannon, not sure)

    TOTAL: 2000 pts.
    DP: 5 + 2 Runes

    Put it threw the grinder, chew it up and spit me out a working list please!!

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    Looks like a fairly solid list to me. What percentage of your total points are heroes? I'm pretty sure 8th ed. limits your characters to 25% of your total points. Also, if your lord takes a GW he needs to take Master Rune of Kragg the Grim. If he doesn't take that he loses all benefits a normal great weapon would grant him.
    You might want to consider removing the group of slayers. I haven't had a chance to feild them yet so I dont know how often they pay for themselves, but I like bigger blocks of warriors.

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    chariots lost instant death to str 7 wounds so you can drop all the runes on the bolt throwers and get more warriors to bulk up that unit. they are great for supporting a better squad or taking a hit and staying around.
    not sure about slayers. if you have used them let me know how they handle. from what i experienced thy die hard from lacking defense. might want to trade them for larger blocks. 25 is a strong number but large for this point total.

    drop the champions from all the command groups. they have little value in the army and are not worth the lost points for just 1 more attack.

    get some organ guns. they trash everything in the game and two can stop any unit or monster in the game with one combined volley. with this point total you can get only 2-3 rares units.

    might want to drop the fighting thane for another siege engine an upgrade the fighting power of your lord. your lord is for killing the big assholes so the other guy is redundant. try giving the lord a great weapon with the runes: master rune of kragg the grim and rune of might. he will always wound on a two and against toughness 5 or greater he becomes a str of 12(lol i know max ten but listen them scream when you say 12 )

    might have a hard time with magic.

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    585 (x8)

    listen to the true longbeard, ye beardlings.

    A quik glimpse at the list; it seems to be pretty good, there are a few things I really recommend to be changed though. I will keep a total of the points I recommand to take out and add for your convenience. Some advice might sound forced, but I don't wanna type "I recommand you do ..." 20 times

    The Lord is fine. His goal is not to kill stuff anymore, as a killy thane can kill rank&file, and the lord is too expensive to tool up for that. You have to use a lord to stop enemy badass killers of doom and destruction like chaos lords and stuff on dragons, from kiling your rank&file. The rune of steel is excellent. My own lord has a gw, the master rune of steel, rune of stone, rune of resistance and master rune of spite for unkillyness. Your build is fine though.

    You have strollaz rune on your BSB. it's fine, but when looking at your list you have 4 relatively small combat units, and a missile troop and 2 bolt throwers. Unless going all out on CC I would never take strollaz, so I'd drop it. Also the rune of courage is rather redundant with ld10 and a reroll around. Drop both. ( -85 pts )

    A BSB is important though and he must be very sturdy. Give him a master rune of gromril ( the standard rune for dwarf BSB's ) and a rune of resistance. You can add a rune of cleaving so he can aid in the fighting a bit. ( +70 )

    The thane is fine, he can swing combats in your favour. The rune of swiftness is not that great anymore beause you can't kill front ranks anymore. The enemy will strike back anyway, so I advice to swap it for a rune of snorri spangelhelm. Then you will hit on 2's and wound on 2's and 3's

    Runesmith is ok but drop 1 rune of spellbreaking and the rune of stone for a master rune of balance. ( +20 ) It is a perfect rune and turns the winds of magic roll in your favour. Because of this rune often you will have more dispelldice than the enemy has powerdice.

    Drop the runes of penetrating from both bolt throwers, they are overkill and cost quite a lot. ( -50 )

    Drop the gyrocopter, currently he.. well.. sucks... badly... really badly.. According to rules interpretation it can't flee ( flyers must flee on the ground according to their rules, and the gyro rules say that if the gyro can't fly, then it may not move. Ergo the gyro will flee 0" ) and it is the only template in the game that still has 4+ partials because those weren't errata'd. You may swap it with a cannon with the rune of forging. Actually I would advice to drop 1 bolt thrower, because 1 bolt thrower and 1 cannon is enough, and you can use those points to increase your units. ( -140 ) ( -60 ) ( +125 ) = ( -75 )

    The rune of stoicism was removed in the errata, unit strenght does not exist anymore. ( -25 )

    So how many points did we save? 145 pts.

    The master rune of grungni really is worth the title 'master rune', take the rune of battle from the hammerers and put the MroGrungni on. ( +25 ) It will protect you from nasty templates that would usually turn your unit into a big mess, and it protects units around it, so can offen slayers some needed protection from missilefire. It greatly reduces casualties from shooting and will save more points worth of models than you could buy instead of this rune.

    Those 10 warriors are really ineffective. Turn 7 of them into longbeards ( -6 ) and add them to the unit, drop the other warriors.

    Add 5 slayers to the slayer unit. It can be a bit more meaty ( + 55 )
    Also add 3 giantslayers for da choppyness ( + 45 )
    And use the remaining points on 2 more hammerers ( + 26 )

    There we go, your combat units are now larger ( 25 longbeards, 20 hammerers, 20 slayers ) , and you've got an additional warmachine too.
    An organ gun is the highpoint of "frikin' epic!!!" though, so you might want to consider dropping the thane or the cannon for it.

    I hope that helped

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