I've had a dwarf army sitting for a while and have decided to start playing it again. I want to bump it up to 2k and have been working on the following list. The fluff is that these are members of a stronghold in the Blood River Valley and patrol the Old Dwarf Road keeping it safe for trade with the boarder princes.

Dwarf Lord: MRoSkalf, RoStone, RoWarding x2, sheild, oath stone. 288
Runesmith: Great Weapon, RoGromril, RoBrotherhood (he will be placed with miners) 119

Dwarf Warriors (40) full command, shields, 385
Ironbreakers (20) full command, Runic Std MRoGrungni, RoCourage 370

2 Cannons, MRoImmolation, RoFort on one and RoBurning, RoForging on the other 275
Organ Gun 120

Miners (20): Blasting Charges 275

Rangers-Quarellers (10), great weapon 165

Total 1997.

Any thoughts?