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    3250pts Dwarfs 8th ed

    So with the new book the point size around here jumped up 1000pts so i had to make a new list. 8th ed.

    390 Rune Lord
    Anvil of Doom, R of Spell breaking, MR of Balance
    Lords (390)

    155 Thane (Iron Breakers)
    MR of Gromril, R of Resistance, R of Preservation, Battle Standard

    142 Thane (Longbeards)
    R of Resistance, R of Stone, R of Fury, R of Cleaving, Sheild

    144 Thane (Hammerers)
    MR of Kragg the Grim, 2x R of Fury, R of Stone, GW
    Heros (441)

    275 Warriors 25x
    FC, GW

    338 Longbeards 24x
    FC, Sheilds, R of Battle

    140 Thunderers 10x

    110 Quarlers 10x
    Core (863)

    377 Ironbreakers 24x
    FC, R of Battle, Ancestor Rune

    363 Hammerers 24x
    FC, R of Battle, R of Determination

    130 Cannon
    R of Forging, R of burning

    125 Cannon
    R of Forging

    170 Gruge Thrower
    R of Accuracy, 2x R of Penetraiting, Engineer

    150 Miners 10x
    Musisian, Prospector, Steam Drill
    Special (1315)

    120 Organ Gun

    120 Organ Gun
    Rare (240)

    Coming out to 3249pts

    First, I can have 2 runes of Penetrating right? it doesnt say anywhere it cant but i havent seen anyone do this before so im not sure if i can or not S 5 seems really nice now it doesnt ignore armor anymore.
    Second, who should be the armys general? Should it be the thane with the longbeards on the front line as he has a nice armor save but its not like he needs to be up there for his LD. Or should it be the Runelord in the back his save isnt as good if he gets attacked but then how often is that?
    Third, is it better to have 2 small units of missle weapons or 1 large unit with sheilds?


    Tyranids 2000pts, Chaos 2500, Eldar 2000pts, Necrons 750pts

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    you can have 2 runes of pen. and also the base str is 4 so your making it a str of 6.

    you would want the general to be the runelord in case you got stuck in some weird battle mission(cant remember which one).
    i prefer two small cheap units as throw away to deal with light cav. they help keep people from out ranging your organ guns.

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