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    Army Build from Battalion Box. Advice Please!

    Some friends and myself are just starting warhammer, and i chose Dwarfs.(Best Ever!)
    Bought a Battalion box and am going to build an army around that. Here is my thoughts so far, please give any advice!!!

    Character Units
    Great Weapon
    Runes maxed (which?)
    Total 146

    Core Units
    Warriors x24 + Thane will run with them.
    Great Weapons
    Full Command
    Total 289

    Thunderers x12 (will run these over quarrellers mainly for style)
    Total 180

    Longbeards x10
    Great Weapons
    Throwing Axes
    Full Command
    Total 185

    Rare Units
    Organ Gun
    Total XXX

    Grand Total 920

    Note: All of these should be able to be made with just Battalion Box,
    (32 warrior, 16 thunderer/quarreller, and canon/organ gun) (1 figure left)
    What should i do differently? What should I buy next? Id like to get up to 1000pts.
    Thanks for any help in advance!

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    I'd say, next thing to buy is another box of warriors. Maybe drop the shields on the warriors and longbeards and take a few extra longbeards instead (to a total of 15 i'd say at this points cost). Organ gun is always a great choice, but you don't want to stop there. Can't really go wrong with the special warmachine choices. I'd suggest a cannon for start with, but i always field at least three warmachines and sometimes even around six.
    As for the thane my suggestion:
    (mr of swiftness, r of cleaving, r of fury) make him a great offensive character. Drop the GW, keep the shield (just enough points to squeeze a rune of stone in there. This is a classic offensive setup. You'll strike first with 4 s5 attacks, and still have a solid 2+ armour save.
    But don't be afraid to experiment with combinations.
    Hope it helped. I'm no uber-pro or something, but i've had my successes with the dwarfs on a friendly competitive scale, so anyone correct me if im wrong.

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    Member Regnal's Avatar
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    I'm a big fan of hammerers. I assume you're taking shields and great weapons with your units in order to march them through shooting. If you take the master rune of grungni on your longbeard standard, you can save the points spent on shields to fight shooting.

    I find longbeard rangers tricky. They start on their own on the enemy side, usually getting killed off by turn 2 or 3. They're more effective in an anvil list with some miners to back them up.

    You can also use your thane model as a runesmith or dwarf lord. He can be much tougher or stronger depending on how you build him. Personally, I like a more indestructable lord. You will definately need a runesmith for magic defense. I find from 1000 to 2000 points he's enough magic defense against most armies.

    Most of these points are for moving on to a 200opt list. For your current list I'd drop all the shields, take a rune of grungni on your longbeards. Drop rangers and throwing axes from them. This should give you more points for another warmachine or entire unit.

    The current 1000pt list I run is:

    MRoBalance, RoSpellbreaking

    Warriors x 25
    Full Command, Great Weapons

    Hammerers x 20
    Full Command, RoSlowness Banner

    Organ Gun

    RoBurning, Forging, Reloading
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