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    1000 points for starters

    Hi all!, I've been considering starting again in WHFB with an army that, unlike my late O&G, won't crush my mind and eyes with horde-painting-nights. So, from one end to the other, Dwarfs would be great!

    I wanted to start with th Batallion box and some blisters, so here's what I did:

    Thane with great weapon, runic armor (stone and 2 iron), general.
    Runesmith with runic weapon (cleaving and striking), rune armor (rune of stone), shield, rune of spellbreak

    20 dwarfs warriors w/ shields, mus., sb.
    16 thunderers w/shields, mus.
    12 rangers w/ throwing axes, mus.

    Bolt thrower, engineer
    Cannon, rune of fortune

    C&C welcome

    Ork Latin Lover since 1980

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    Your list is decent, however I have a few points to bring up.

    Your thane is cheap, but the runes of Iron are rarely worth the points. If you want a ward, you are better off paying the extra points for a 4+ WS. I would go for the well known Thane of Pain combo; MRoSwiftness, RoCleaving, RoStone. This guy is pretty good, and helps kill a few before they get to attack, helping out with the CR.

    The runesmith is decent, but the magic weapon isn't needed. I would give him another RoSpellbreaking or the MRoBalance.

    The warriors are a great choice, however I would always suggest a veteran be taken. They add an extra attack.
    The thunderers are a nice choice, 16 could work for reforming and accepting a charge, I think you could save a few points by taking only 15.
    Rangers are not the unit I would choose. I would personally opt these out for a unit of longbeards. Armed with great weapons, longbeards are your hitty unit and help 'buff' your army with panic re-rolls.

    The bolt thrower is good, nice solid choice. The cannon I personally would switch out the RoFortune with the RoBurning. All you really want is a magical attack, the re-roll is nice but really not needed.


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