Allright, i was able to buy a rather sizeable dwarf army for $100 over craigslist. Here's the build, located with the number of points and number of models of each

Dwarf Lord (i think)(1) 145
Anvil (1) 175
Rune Lord-(1) 140
Flame Cannon-(1) 140
Cannons (5)- 450
miner- (29) 319
Slayer (15) 165
Dwarves with pistols -(3) (what are they? engineers?)
Dwarves with hammers (i'm calling them hammerer's currently) (3) 36
Thunderer (40 )560
Standard bearers (11) (approx 110
Musicians (3)
Quarrelers (10 ) 110
Warriors (61) 552
Organ gun (4) 480

So, this brings to a total of ROUGHLY 3700 points. This is before i put any runes with my weapons or units. I also have the following:

1 box of quarrelers (adapting to rangers)

I was going to split the warriors to 50/50 (roughly) Longbeards/warriors for my main army. IN addition, i was going to see about bringing in several more boxes of quarrelers, (eventually) in order to use their longer range to help build a defensive line. I was also going to get a steam helicopter or two, only because they seem to be awesome. Plus, i was going to use them for speed.

A few questions:

ARe there any thoughts for my particular army, and what i should buy?

Most of the models are plastic units from the 7th edition Dwarves Vs Orcs and goblins set. Is there anything i should be aware of?