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    2500 solid all comers list

    I need help with the last 354 points. Any advice on the rest of the list is welcome too

    Dwarf lord - 251
    great weapon
    Ro stone
    Ro resistance
    MRo spite

    Thane - 144
    great weapon
    MRo gromril
    Ro resistance

    Runesmith - 147
    MRo balance
    Ro spellbreaking

    24 Warriors - 265
    great weapons
    full command

    24 longbeards - 333
    full command
    Ro determination

    10 thunderers
    10 thunderers

    23 Hammerers - 356
    full command
    MRo grungni

    Cannon - 130
    Ro forging
    Ro burning

    Organ gun
    Organ gun

    So this leaves me at 2146 with 354 points to spend.
    here are my options models wise

    Thane - 127
    Ro might
    Ro fury
    Ro fire
    Ro stone

    Grudge thrower
    engineer and various rune options

    2 bolt throwers
    engineers and various rune options

    10 - 20 miners
    command and steam drill options

    12 quarrellers with great weapons

    master engineer

    Which options are the best to fill in the last 354 points and what upgrades and command are the best? Any spare points can be spent on magic restance runes for my characters/longbeards. Any advice on the rest of the list is welcome however i have listed all the models i have


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    this looks.. familiar..

    A lot like my own list.
    Add a master rune of steel to your lord. Trust me, you will LOVE it. Even against str 10 they wound on 4+ and you get a 3+ rerollable. It is totally worth it, trust me on this, I've used that combo for at least 6 months now.

    With your remaining points you could add 10 to 20 miners with full command and steamdrill. I have 15 with Fc and steamdrill and they work wonders but are not too expensive. The remaining points can be used to buff units ( rune of battle on the longbeards, more bodies here and there ) or to take a cheap grudge thrower.

    But most of it is nice and solid, very good, very good indeed. Organ guns rock socks off.

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