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    3000 points, new to dwarfs, friendly game vs lizardmen

    hi, I'm new with dwarfs, just started them
    so a bit help is welcome
    got a 3k fight coming up against a friend of mine who just started with lizardmen

    this is my list so far, want to shoot as much to hell as possible, then cc takes over to finish it off

    some advise, comments and feedback is appreciated
    I'm not sure if a break some rules with the runes and stuff so here some advise to pls

    dwarf lord (271) (goes in the hammerers unit)
    *great weapon
    *shield bearers
    */Mr swiftnes + /r resistance + /Mr spite

    thane (179) (goes with the longbeards)
    *great weapon
    *oath stone
    */Mr gromril + /r resistance + /r preservation

    runesmith (145) (goes in the thunderers unit)
    */r spellbreaking + /r balance

    runesmith (145) (goes in the quarrellers unit)
    */r spellbreaking + /r spelleater

    25 warriors (250 )
    *full command

    25 longbeards (350 )
    *great weapons
    *full command

    17 quarrellers (219 )
    *musician + veteran

    17 thunderers (270 )
    *musician + veteran

    28 hammerers (394 )
    *full command

    cannon (130 )
    */r forging /r burning

    cannon (110 )
    */r burning

    bolt thrower (45 )

    bolt thrower (60 )

    15 miners (190 )
    *full command

    grudge tower (130 )
    */r accuracy + /r penetration

    organ gun (120 )

    total of 3008 points (a bit more is no problem for us)

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    To have Runes on GWs you must first buy the Master Rune of Kragg the Grim. This prevents you from using any other Master Runes on GWs, If however you do not buy MRo Kragg the Grim the Great weapon looses its +2 strength and striking last becoming a hand weapon which needs 2 hands to use, when you put any Runes onto it.

    Because of that your Lords Runic GW is not allowed as you will have to drop the MRo Swiftness to take MRo Kragg the Grim (cannot have more than one MR per item).

    BSB looks good, as do your Rune Smiths.

    Would have maybe liked to have seen a magic rune or two on some of your units but not essential at all. Otherwise looks good.

    Think I would drop either a cannon, or both bolt throwers, and fit in another organ gun. Two organ guns are amazing when they both work and due to a relatively short range of 24" you may find one will not manage to cause enough damage before the enemy close in.

    Otherwise not a bad balanced list.

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