This will likely be the last 7th ed. game for us and I'll be using my dwarves for the first time vs. a regular opponent/friend of mine who fields orcs, orcs, and more orcs, plus a few goblins. His list is often something like this, and forgive the vaugeness please,

BlackOrc Warboss close combat monster on a chariot.
Shaman or 2
3 x20 orc boys, 2 units with extra choppas, one with spears
20 Black Orcs
5 boar boyz
3 stone trolls
Doom diver catapult
20 night goblins with a nets and a fanatic or 3
10 spider riders, last game he ran 2x10
1-2 orc chariots

He'll sometimes switch things up with more gobbos, a giant or bolt throwers.
I've faced him with TK and Lizards plenty of times, but dwarves, I don't know. It seems my list has some weak points, I'd like some suggestions, but I am not looking for a beardy list, more of a friendly thing depsite my hatred...

Dwarf Lord Dante Deradine the Slayer(who is NOT a slayer) 246pts.
Grt.Weap with GRIM, cleaving and Fury runes. Gromil armor and sheild bearers

Thane Edam'ame w/ARMY standard, handweapon w/2x fury runes, Gromil armor, rune o Stone, Oath stone. He'll go with one group of warrriors 185pts.

Rune Smith Black ZU with a shield, spelleating and fury runes. He'll join the 2nd block of warriors. 147pts.

Flame Cannon. I know. It's rumored to suck, but I took such a long time building one out of bits I want to use it at least once before proxing it as an organ gun.140pts.

Cannon w/Rune of forging 125pts
2Bolt throwers with burning runes 115 pts
(over kill I know, but I didn't know where to put the other last 10 points. THough I'd kill the trolls quick.) 1 w/engineer(for those important pot shots, like the Warboss.)

2x24 Warriors w/full command 241pts each
21 hammerers, Rune of slowness, full comm. 332pts. W/Dante of course. I hoped the rune would protect them a close charge and allow them to counter with the slayers ready to swing out and flank
5 giant slayers 130pts
14 thunderers 196pts
10 Longbeard rangers w/grt. weapons, throwing axes and scouting.... 150pts.

The general idea is to present a number of threats quickly with warmachines, dragon belchers and rangers, (wish I could fit some miners)My intended setup is as follows, depending on terrain, which will hopefully let me protect a flank.


Slayers take a position behind either the Hams. or flame cannon depending on where extra hitting pwr. is needed. The rangers will likely pull the spiders from the main line, or a block of boys. The Flame cannon and thunders will pummel boyz while the cannon and bolts will tackle heavy hitters like warmachines, chariots, trolls, ....a giant?
Meanwhile I'll advance somewhat, so as to maximise the threat of having the rangers in his end zone. The thanes units will reveal a flank as a lure for a charge since he has the oath stone. Hopefully this will help to pull his line into disarray on which my HAMs.(glazed w/dijon and maple), 2nd warriors and Slayers can capatalize on.

I'll be outnumbered, but not badly and he'll be outgunned.
So noble Longbeards, will I be coming back in glory, or on my shield?